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17 September 2020

How creative studio Elm0 made a simple idea extraordinary on Instagram

BY: Instagram Business Team

London, UK

Specialists in 3D and animation, creative studio Elm0 make fun, colourful designs for brands. As part of Instagram Deconstructed, they explain how motion design helped transform a simple brief into an extraordinary creative for Orangina.

When it comes to advertising, taking a simple concept and turning it into a striking, thumb-stopping creative takes a special sort of skill.

Ben and Melanie’s spinning Orangina bottle is the perfect case in point.

An iconic design

Ben is the founder and creative director and Melanie the production lead of Elm0, a creative studio which specialises in—among other techniques—motion design and 3D. They participated in a workshop with Orangina centered on a digital campaign that offered customers a chance to win a trip to Ibiza.

“The initial brief was Instagram posts including the iconic orange bottle,” Melanie explains.

For Elm0—a studio which, as Ben puts it, loves to “be fun and be colourful”—this simple brief was the perfect chance to experiment with animation. The workshop, in creative collaboration with Instagram Creative partner The Source, gave them space to develop the idea.

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Ben and Melanie of Elmo discuss their creative process.Play Icon

Message in a bottle

They settled on an idea to, in Ben’s words, “put summer inside the bottle.”

They created a looping animation which shows the Orangina bottle in a beach scene, including fun elements like a Flamingo inflation balloon and—of course—blue sunny skies.

“We are a bit obsessed with looping effects,” Melanie says. “The challenge was to find how.”

A creative match

In the final product, the camera spins to reveal that the beach scene is in fact inside the bottle.

“The most challenging part was using the camera to make it loop so we don’t feel any cut,” Ben explains.

In spite of this, the whole project took only a few weeks, with Ben crediting Orangina’s support for Elm0 for making the process “so effective.”

“It’s great when the brand trusts us from the beginning, because we can find the best match to create these kind of projects,” he says.

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BY: Instagram Business Team

London, UK