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April 25, 2022

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

We’re celebrating Earth Day with some of our favorite global small businesses who are driven by a mission to protect the environment and preserve our planet. Each uses Instagram to tell the stories behind their brand, sell their innovative products, and share what it means to be a sustainable business today.

Check out the list below to see how you can use features like shops on Instagram, Reels and more to build your brand story and connect with more customers.

Submission Beauty’s slogan, “Plastic is Poison”, tells you everything you need to know about the brand. Submission champions sustainability by educating consumers about climate change and their zero-waste products at every touchpoint, as seen on their Instagram Reels and story highlights.

Submission Beauty description

Richer Poorer

The California-based apparel company @richerpoorer creates organic and eco-friendly basics that are designed-to-last. But the brand’s sustainability efforts go beyond the quality of the fabrics they use: By reducing their own environmental impact through minimal waste, they’ve created a holistic ecosystem that’s better for the planet.

Model wearing white tank from Richer Poorer

Cesta Collective

“Good vibes are in the bag,” is the mission that @cestacollective preaches *and* practices. By employing 1,400 female artisans in Rwanda, the ethical handbag brand has created a transparent and meaningful supply chain that empowers women and uses sustainable materials.

Women for Women

Living Koa

Inspired by Hawaiian philosophies and ancient healing traditions, @living.koa’s mission is centered around the notion that by taking care of ourselves, we can take better care of everything around us. Koa is committed to using recycled materials in their products and packaging, and donates 1% of proceeds towards the preservation of oceans.

earth day every day

The Break

Welcome to @thebreak where you’ll find a great curation of vintage clothing and accessories as well as live events on Instagram and IRL. The Break promotes conscious consumption and seasonless shopping by giving secondhand fashion items a new lease of life through sharing lookbooks in stories and on their shop on Instagram, as well as shopping events in their physical store.

Women browse rack of clothes

For more inspiration, check out how The Break practices sustainability and learn about how the brand launched their shop on Instagram.

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA