Testing Third Party Access to Instagram’s Creator Marketplace

clock imageApril 11, 2023

Last year, we launched Instagram’s creator marketplace - a new destination for brands and creators to connect and form branded content partnerships. Since then, we’ve introduced new tools and onboarded thousands of brands and creators on the platform.

Today, we’re announcing new ways to discover and reach Instagram creators by expanding access to brand agencies and testing integrations with top creator marketing platforms. With these updates, our goal is to complement and help evolve the robust third party ecosystem of agencies and platforms already helping creators and brands form partnerships.

Send prioritized DMs & publish projects through third party creator marketing platforms

Our goal is to make Instagram the best place for brands and creators to collaborate. We're now extending access to elements of the creator marketplace via API, making it easier for brands to discover and continue working with creators on the third party creator marketing platform they already use:

  • Prioritized DMs: Creators prefer communicating via DM; brands will now be able to easily reach creators in a priority inbox on the creator marketplace - without ever leaving their preferred creator marketing platform.
  • Project Briefs: Brands can now publish structured project briefs to the creator marketplace straight from a third party, benefitting from Instagram’s matchmaking capabilities to discover the right creators for project partnerships.

We’re testing these APIs with a small cohort of leading creator marketing partners, including Aspire, Captiv8 and CreatorIQ. We’ll soon open access to additional creator marketing partners. Register your interest here.

“At CreatorIQ, we have the privilege of collaborating with some of the world’s most recognized companies like Disney, LVMH, and Unilever, to facilitate seamless partnerships between creators and brands. We are thrilled to join Instagram’s creator marketplace API to enhance communication and foster long-term collaborations. As an inaugural launch partner, we will be able to develop solutions for our customers to connect with the right creators for their campaigns and help creators develop communities and monetize their content.

The majority of creator campaigns within the CreatorIQ platform include Instagram, at 89%, more than double the next largest platform—demonstrating tremendous opportunities for brands to connect with creators on Instagram. We are excited to see how this integration will support partnerships for brands and creators to build amazing things together.”

- Tim Sovay, Chief Business Development and Partnerships Officer at CreatorIQ

Extending access to brand agencies

Brand agencies play an important role in supporting brands with their creator partnerships. Starting today, we’re testing dedicated access to the creator marketplace for brand agencies - letting them manage creator discovery and collaborations on behalf of their brand clients.

We’re testing this access with a small cohort of partners, including Influential, Wpromote, Rickhouse Media, Power Digital, Dentsu, OMG and Brkfst. Agency partners interested in receiving early access may register their interest here.

With this release, agencies will be able to:

  • Find the best talent for their brand clients: Discover creators on the creator marketplace leveraging advanced filters, verified metrics and search capabilities directly from their business account.
  • Track creator conversations with a dedicated folder: Send messages directly to creators' dedicated partnership messages folder, where they can see messages and conveniently respond from Instagram.
  • Work with creators effectively and see progress: Directly send or publish structured project briefs to select creators, on behalf of brand clients. Agencies will also be able to publish discoverable projects that eligible creators can apply to, and track progress of projects, including when creators have accepted or posted their content.

“Meta has always been at the forefront of the creator economy, providing value to both brands and creators. We are very excited to partner on Instagram’s creator marketplace and provide brands even deeper insights and communication, All while helping creators fund their passion by helping them monetize their community with seamless and authentic brand deals.”

- Ryan Detert, CEO at Influential