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December 21, 2021

Born on Instagram: Isabella Lalond’s Beepy Bella Jewelry Label

BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA

For entrepreneurs across the globe, Instagram offers a wealth of resources and inspiration to turn their passion into a business. Over the past couple of months, the Born on Instagram series has been exploring and spotlighting brands that are using Instagram’s tools to build community, explore creativity and shape culture.

Today, meet New York-based designer Isabella Lalonde (@isabellalalonde), who founded the New York City-based jewelry label Beepy Bella (@beepybella) in 2019 and has since been featured in the likes of Vogue and GQ. Collaborations among fellow artists and innovators are core to the brand, cultivating a community of creatives who blend jewelry and art across digital and physical realms.

blue hand covered with jewelry

“Beepy Bella began almost accidentally, as any great businesses do,” Isabella says. It was a late summer night when she decided to experiment with some of her mom’s old charm bracelets and repurpose them into whimsical, “unapologetically unique and bold” pearl necklaces. After posting them on Instagram, several Vogue editors snatched them up, and Beepy Bella was officially born. Read more about Isabella’s entrepreneurial journey on Instagram below.

What inspired you to start the business?

My background is in fine arts, and I always dreamt of being my own boss… Originally, I started making handmade necklaces for the characters in my performance art videos to wear. To this day, the ethos of the brand revolves around the marriage of art, design and fashion.

Why did Instagram feel like the right place to gain momentum or market your products?

It’s an abundant platform for self expression. I’ve found so many amazing and talented creatives through this platform, so it felt like a natural next step to post my work on it. Much of my artistic practice revolves around self reflection and involves a very internal relationship between myself and my work. Posting on Instagram is so fun because it’s completely the opposite of my process. Once posted, people from all over the world can see my work and react to it. Every time I share my work, I view it as a “mini-critique.”

What does it mean to you personally to be able to turn your art into a business?

To me, this means endless possibilities. I’m eternally grateful that my work resonates with others, and that’s something you can never plan for as an artist. Sometimes I feel as though Beepy Bella is “hacking” the system or certain aspects of the fashion industry. I love the contrast between innately selling in a commercial market but personally embodying a playful mindset that intentionally disrupts it for the sake of art. It’s constantly challenging and keeps my mind running with ideas on how to evolve.

man poses with jewelry and mushroom

How are you using Instagram as a toolbox for creativity?

Instagram feels limitless when it comes to finding inspiration. I use this app in many different ways, such as collaborating with cool illustrators or emerging 3D graphic artists and meeting new creative friends who founded their own thriving fashion brands. The Beepy Bella collaboration with Lirika Matoshi derives from my heartfelt and beautiful friendship with Lirika herself, who originally reached out to me via DM to meet for coffee. It’s incredible to watch other artists uplift and inspire each other on this platform.

What’s your approach to creating social content? How does Beepy Bella translate from a creative expression onto your feed?

When I make my images or videos for Instagram, I always think about the viewer’s perception from their phone or device. My work mainly plays with surrealism and evoking the subconscious through hypnotic visuals. It’s a form of therapy for me. I’m looking for emotional impact when I share my work on social media. If it’s meaningful to even just one other person in the world, then I feel like I made a successful piece of art.

Are there any Instagram-specific anecdotes or success stories that you can share that have surprised you?

Definitely DMing with certain celebrities has surprised me. My follower count is pretty modest in comparison, so I think it’s really special that we can have genuine and meaningful conversations that would potentially never take place otherwise.

dog wearing jewelry

What has been the best thing about being able to launch/manage a business with the help of social media?

In one word, it’s the vulnerability. I can make something in real time and share it with my followers. I feel like I am always in direct conversation with my audience. What I’m feeling, they’ll know. As a brand, I believe that leads to transparency, and subsequently, a trust, between my audience and Beepy Bella. We have cultivated a form of friendship, because they know me in a very thorough and unprecedented way through my work.

What’s next for Beepy Bella?

Pretty much world domination.

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BY: Instagram Business Team

San Francisco, CA