Take your stories to the next level with story school

More room to play

The full mobile screen is a showcase for your business with Instagram Stories ads. Any video or image you already have can be turned into a stories ad, or you can create content that’s tailor-made for stories.

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Creative tips

Here are a few hacks for making the most of stories ads.
  • Break it up. Take advantage of the full-screen experience and divide the space of your story ad into smaller segments so you can reinforce your message or send different messages.
  • Don’t forget sound. Sixty percent of Instagram Stories video posts are played with sound on.1 Adding elements like music, dialogue or sound effects can help enhance your story.
  • Reinforce swiping up. Invite your customers to swipe up at the end of your ad to send them to your website where they can shop your products, book an appointment, or sign up for your newsletter. Remember: there's no follower minimum to use the swipe up feature in Instagram Stories ads!

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Content ideas

Need some ideas? Get some content inspiration.

  • Tutorial. Use stories to explain how to do something related to your product. Quickly teach something valuable and interesting, like how to prepare a meal.
  • Promotion. Recycle one of your product photos and use a sticker or the text icon to advertise a promotion. Visually highlight the swipe up at the bottom of the screen to take interested consumers to your website.
  • Behind the scenes. Tell your customers what’s going on in your business. Shoot a video from inside your business to take viewers behind the scenes or tease a new product.

Play more

Try one of these apps to help you easily create next-level stories ads:

Try apps to help easily create Instagram stories ads

Create beautiful and engaging stories with elegant templates

Select stop motion feature on Instagram

Combine photos and videos, experiment with stop-motion, resize and edit videos

Use Pic Lab to add text, borders, and overlays to Instagram Stories
Pic Lab

Add text, borders, and overlays to your Stories

Use Adobe Spark to transform photos with design templates for Instagram
Adobe Spark

Transform photos with design and animation templates

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