Stories are growing like crazy. Has your brand caught up?

An immersive canvas to build brand love.

People look to Stories for inspiration. Find out how you can use Stories to form new connections and build your brand.

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Bring your brand to life with Stories.

  • Use the full-screen, vertical canvas to tell your brand story.
  • Begin with your brand and design with your objective in mind. People-focused creative, compared to product, tends to perform better for upper funnel outcomes.1
Ad Types
Consider leveraging formats like Carousel, where you have more creative space to tell your brand story, or Polling Sticker ads to inspire interaction.
Use automatic placements and customize your assets using Placement Asset Customization to feature creative made for Stories.

The Story on Stories, with NIKE.

Jackie Titus, NIKE’s Global Head of Social Strategy, sits down with Instagram’s Global Head of Business, Jim Squires, to talk about her brand’s work in stories.

See how brands are telling their Stories.

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