To increase sales, Zattini decided to invest more in Instagram ads and test the collection ad format to show off more products to its target audience.

Attitude that inspires

Zattini is part of the Netshoes ecommerce group, along with Shoestock. The brand’s mission to inspire consumers by offering thousands of brand products in the fashion and beauty categories.


lift in conversions with collection ad format


lower conversion cost with collection ad format compared to other ad formats

Zattini is an innovative brand that is always investing in unique products that our consumers identify with. The collection ad format made a lot of sense for our brand: we moved the launch of our winter campaign forward and delivered exclusive content with more suitable communication, always focusing on our customers’ experience.
More conversions in feed

Zattini’s chief goal was to increase sales. With that in mind, it decided to test the beta version of the collection ad format to show more of its products and transform Instagram into its main mobile showroom.

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A variety of products in the palm of your hand

Collection is an ad format that allows companies to include a video or photo and then highlight all of the featured products just below. This was exactly what Zattini needed to show off its catalog and thereby increase sales, so the brand became a pioneer in the Brazil fashion sector by testing this Instagram ad format.

Zattini was assisted by the Facebook Creative Shop team, which helped it make the ad content more attractive to the target audience (men and women aged 18 or over in Brazil). The next step was to update its product catalog in Ads Manager so that the collection (together with dynamic ads) could display its fashion items in feed. Zattini created 2 campaigns with approximately 8 different ad creative variations for each, ranging from children’s clothes to beauty products.

Zattini also wanted to find out whether the carousel or collection format would perform best on Instagram. So in March 2018, it tested both formats to find out which one its audience preferred and which had the greatest impact on sales. The company carried out an A/B test between the carousel and collection formats, which meant that people who saw one format would not see the other, and vice versa. This test showed that collection was the clear winner—with a 6.3% increase in conversions at a 41.9% lower cost compared to other ad formats.

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