This popular English language online education company used branded content ads to drive online sales, which earned a 35% increase in click-to-purchase rate compared to business-as-usual campaigns.

Learning English in 10 minutes a day

Yanadoo is one of the leading English education businesses in Korea, with 1.3 million students. The online language school provides services including 10-minute classes and one-on-one mentoring to help students improve their English language skills.


decrease in cost per purchase


decrease in cost per level test completion


increase in click-to-purchase rate


increase in click-through rate

Thanks to this branded content ad campaign, we were able to show customers a new type of ad and drive performance. Though the education industry does not have as many relevant influencers as the beauty and fashion industries, we discovered that it is possible to find influencers who can drive performance.
Teaching more people with new ad strategy

The language-learning company wanted to find a campaign strategy that would be more cost-effective and drive online sales.

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Reaching a broader audience with branded content ads

Yanadoo partnered with four influencers for its branded content ad campaign, which featured the message “Only 10 minutes a day.” The company hoped to reach the influencers’ audiences, as well as people who wanted to learn English but felt they did not have enough time to study.

The campaign included the school’s usual mix of carousel ads and link ads, but also added branded content ads so that Yanadoo could compare their performance. The images showed the influencers studying English via Yanadoo’s online platform and each influencer wrote about the benefits of the school’s courses.

Yanadoo broadened its audience to include a wider age range than usual and also used interest targeting to reach even more people who were more likely to be interested in Yanadoo’s offerings. The campaign ran on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, using automatic placements and campaign budget optimization to make the most of its budget.

  • 20% decrease in cost per purchase

  • 24% decrease in cost per level test completion

  • 35% increase in click-to-purchase rate

  • 1.55% increase in click-through rate