Wine used Instagram Stories to creatively reach wine consumers in Brazil, increasing its Instagram sales by 67%.

Wines from the world for Brazil

Established in 2008, Wine’s mission is to promote the consumption of wine in Brazil. The company selects, recommends and delivers more than 2,000 labels from the world’s leading regions to the country, along with gourmet products and accessories.


increase in Instagram sales over the previous month


increase in website visitors from Instagram over the previous month


more sales than the target set for the campaign

When we saw the high number of people who use the “Stories” resource in Brazil, we decided to outline a strategy aimed at sales and brand recognition. The experience proved to be both right and surprising: a resource with fast interactions, which brought an even faster return.
A new format for sales

The goal of Wine’s marketing team was to increase Instagram revenues by 15%, boost brand recognition and reach new people.

A toast to success

After realizing that the number of people who use Instagram Stories in Brazil continues to grow, Wine’s marketing team designed a campaign made especially for this format. For targeting, the company created a lookalike audience of consumers who had already purchased at the website through Instagram, allowing it to reach new people who were similar to existing customers.

Over 7 days, the company worked with three different types of creative content tailor-made for the Instagram Stories format, featuring wines already belonging to Wine’s winter promotion. The brand used “Buy Now” as a call-to-action button to take interested consumers to the website and increase potential purchases. In just one week, the Stories campaign accounted for sales of more than 500 bottles of wine, and increased Wine’s Instagram revenues by 67% over the previous month: 4X above the established target.