Fashion retailer Weekday increased consideration by 2.3 points after featuring creators in Reels ads and ads in Instagram Stories.

Fashion inspired by the street

Founded in 2002, Weekday is a Swedish fashion brand influenced by youth culture and street style. Weekday ships to 97 markets and has stores in 16 countries, offering women’s and men’s clothing and a small selection of brands.


lift in consideration


lift in brand awareness


lower cost per person considering Weekday as one of their top three brands when shopping for clothes, compared to previous study

In our first full-funnel campaign we partnered with our agency s360 and Meta on a creative strategy based on insights about our audience. We learned that we were able to drive top 3 brand consideration well above retail benchmark in just four weeks. This showed that we’re on the right track and we will continue to partner with our community of creators to develop relatable content.
Raising brand consideration

Weekday wanted to increase brand consideration in countries where it is not necessarily a leading or top three choice – particularly in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

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Video ads with a difference

Weekday decided that the most effective way to raise brand awareness and consideration in its key overseas markets would be to focus on its denim collection. Weekday worked with its agency s360 and with Meta Creative Shop to produce a brief for video ads, which it then handed over to creators. Ads from creators typically outperform regular ads on Facebook and Instagram because they feel more informative, relevant and entertaining.

The brief that Weekday devised took existing trends for Instagram Reels into account. Weekday then worked with a diverse set of creators from its community to make the reels more relevant and relatable for its young female audience.

After receiving the raw assets from creators, Weekday worked with Meta Creative Shop to edit them for Instagram’s best practices and for different campaign objectives. Ads for the brand awareness objective introduced Weekday’s denim range via several creators, asking “Which jeans fit is your fav?” Ads with the consideration objective introduced a mobile storefront with curated products, asking people to “Help creator X pick their perfect jeans.” Finally, ads for the conversion objective highlighted key product benefits with guiding copy and closeups, and used creator images instead of model images.

To maximize brand impact and exposure throughout the entire customer journey, Weekday and its agency s360 added a four-week broad brand awareness campaign to the existing consideration and conversion campaign. Weekday planned reach and frequency campaigns with brand awareness objectives for brand impact (over 50% reach, frequency more than twice/week). The consideration and conversion campaigns were optimized for different conversion events (view content and purchase) to encourage sales and reach existing, likely and new customers.

The results of the August 23–September 19, 2021 campaign were measured by a brand lift study, which revealed:

  • 2.3-point lift in consideration
  • 3.9-point lift in brand awareness
  • 74% lower cost per person considering Weekday as one of their top three brands when shopping for clothes in export markets of UK, Germany, Netherlands, compared to previous study
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