Waterdrop created custom videos for Instagram Stories to promote its microdrink and Waterdrop glass bottles, boosting the number of website visitors by 8.3X.

Enriching water with fruit and plant extracts

The founding principle behind Waterdrop is that people should drink more water and consume less sugar. Waterdrop compresses fruit and plant extracts into small cubes that dissolve in water, which frees people from buying beverages on the go—thereby helping to reduce the number of plastic bottles being used. Waterdrop now offers six flavors, all of which are sugar-free.


increase in sales


increase in website visitors1


more people reached2

We are making big steps forward with our business by using the possibilities that Instagram offers to reach potential new customers. It’s great to see that companies like Waterdrop who are starting out small have a chance against the big players by having a good product, awesome creative and a platform like Instagram.
Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Waterdrop wanted to raise awareness of its bottle set, which includes assorted Waterdrop 12-packs and a stylish reusable glass bottle.

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Water with style

Waterdrop emphasizes purpose before profit and always stresses the health benefits of drinking more water. Staying true to this ethos, it developed a campaign for Instagram Stories that placed water front and centre, even as it promoted its bottle set. The campaign was targeted to men and women in Austria and Germany between the ages of 20–55.

Following Instagram’s best practices, the creative was designed to fit the 9:16 dimensions of Instagram Stories. It immediately introduced the Waterdrop bottle immediately, showing a bottle being held by a woman as she walks through a city. The brand's key themes—the purity of water and a healthy lifestyle—came through loud and clear. The ad linked directly to the Waterdrop website.

Waterdrop's campaign was highly successful, increasing the sales conversion rate by 24% compared to the previous month. It reached 1.8 million people in just 10 days, which marked a 6X increase compared to the previous month. The company also attracted 8.4X more website visitors over this period.

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