This South Korean streaming service ran a split test during the Chuseok holiday period to see how effective ads in Instagram Stories were at increasing brand awareness and app installs, and found that they reached 23% more people and achieved a 47% lower cost per app install.

Streaming experiences

Watcha Play is a video-on-demand subscription and streaming service based in South Korea that offers a customized entertainment experience. As a performance-driven brand, the company is continuously looking for ways to boost its marketing efforts.


more people reached


lower cost per install


higher return on ad spend

Watcha Play runs based on Watcha, a personalized content recommendation service. We have always developed with data and grown from repeated and endless A/B tests. Facebook and Instagram are mandatory marketing channels, as they allow us to run tests in smart and efficient ways.
Playing with new platforms

The on-demand streaming service wanted to test the effectiveness of Instagram Stories as a platform to generate awareness and drive app installs, using a split test across the Facebook family of apps.

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Streaming success on Stories

To optimize its digital campaigns, Watcha Play created a split test that focused on the impact of Instagram Stories on ad performance, with the goal of reaching a larger audience at a lower cost.

The split test used two campaigns—one displayed ads in Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed and Audience Network, while the other also placed ads in Instagram Stories in addition to the other platforms. The ads featured movie quizzes that led people to a landing page that would reveal the answers. All ads were designed to perform well on mobile and customized for each platform—for example, a vertical format was used for Instagram Stories.

Watcha Play ran a reach campaign during the Chuseok Thanksgiving holiday in South Korea for 11 days in September–October 2018. The company used broad targeting, including people who were already subscribers, to reach as large an audience as possible and boost its brand presence during the holiday.

Watcha Play found that by including Instagram Stories, it not only reached 23% more people, but also achieved a 46% lower cost per app install and a 2.2X higher return on ad spend compared to the campaign that did not include Instagram Stories.

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