To increase awareness of its premium snack brand Sensations, UK crisp and snack manufacturer Walkers ran a series of Instagram and Facebook ads, which successfully lifted ad recall and reinforced its “feast for the senses” brand positioning.

Snacks with flair

Founded in 1948, PepsiCo-owned Walkers is a British snacks manufacturer that aims to be “home of the UK’s favorite crisps”. Walkers launches new snacks to test people’s tastebuds on a regular basis, including the expansion of the Sensations Snacks range.


lift in ad recall


lift in message association


three-second video view rate on Instagram Stories

We wanted to bring to life the vibrancy and excitement of Sensations in a campaign that not only stands out in feed, but also increases awareness and brand memorability. This is a great example of collaboration with Facebook, where we have used learnings from creative testing tools to optimize our ads and the results speak for themselves.
Adding flavor to its ads

Walkers wanted a creative way to let customers know about its new Sensations Snacks flavors and stay top of mind when they were shopping.

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A creative trio

Since Walkers was introducing three new flavors in its Sensations line, it created three mouth-watering videos, each featuring a particular flavor. Using Ads Manager insights from a previous campaign, as well as results that examined the impact of specific ad creative attributes (using Facebook’s Creative Compass tool), the snack company reworked the campaign creative to focus on improving brand positioning and memorability.

The ads in Instagram Stories featured Walkers new Thai Sweet Chilli flavor and showed someone biting into a crisp and experiencing a “feast for the senses.” The ads ran in the UK and were targeted to men and women aged 18–44.

Walkers tested its ads using a Facebook brand lift study. At the end of the one-month campaign, the snack company had successfully raised awareness for Sensations by 14 points, and also increased message association with “feast for the senses” by 5 points—each being 3 points higher than PepsiCo’s average campaign result.