Lifestyle fashion brand Vitaly used dynamic ads on Instagram to re-engage with people who had visited its website or added a product to the online shopping cart without making a purchase, achieving a 3.9X return on ad spend.

Cornering the men’s accessory market

Vitaly was founded by Shane Vitaly Foran in 2011 during a trip to Bali. While there, he designed and manufactured his first piece of structural, minimalistic jewelry, and the men’s line was born. Vitaly has since expanded into more than 400 stores around the world.

over 243,000

people reached


return on ad spend


lower cost per acquisition compared to other channels

We grew our brand organically on Instagram by leveraging high quality photo content—compelling visuals are the backbone of our business. Advertising on Instagram has increased the reach of our content by 6X, and has quickly become our strongest conversion driver.
Shane Vitaly, CEO, Vitaly
Engaging with potential fans

The Toronto-based fashion brand wanted to drive conversions amongst shoppers who had already visited the Vitaly website but had yet to make a purchase.

Retargeting with custom creative

Vitaly knew that engaging with lapsed customers was key to growing its business. So the team developed an ongoing retargeting campaign to keep people coming back to the site.

The campaign was developed with an Instagram-first approach and used dynamic ads to reach people with the products they’re already interested in. Dynamic ads use the Facebook pixel to automatically populate ads with the products that people have previously interacted with on the advertiser’s website.

The Vitaly team first implemented the Facebook pixel to track people’s actions on its site, including the product pages people viewed and the products they added to the online shopping cart but did not purchase. These products were then automatically filtered into a carousel within the dynamic ads.

The creative for these ads was developed with Instagram’s mobile-only medium in mind. The team used a blend of highly stylized product shots and high quality lifestyle shots with a direct focus on the product.

This Instagram-first strategy proved fruitful for the brand. Its ongoing retargeting campaign has reached more than 243,000 people and successfully achieved a 3.9X return on ad spend.