Beauty professional Tulio Cotta invested in lead ads on Instagram to reach students interested in his eyebrow micropigmentation courses in the city of São Paulo, and got 20% more registrations than his established goal.

Selling beauty knowledge

Tulio Cotta is a beauty professional specializing in eyebrows, and is the creator of the “Perfect Line Super-Realistic Strand-by-Strand” micropigmentation technique. Originally from Minas Gerais, he travels Brazil teaching technical courses for professionals working in this field who want to refine their skills.


leads through Instagram


of the course’s total registrations came from Instagram


more registrations than the established goal

Instagram is a great tool for the success of our business, and will always play a key role in the positive outcome of our online marketing initiatives. It allowed us to reach a specific audience in our market niche, and gave us specific data on the number of people activated through lead generation at the end of our campaigns.
Leads that turn into registrations

The campaign’s goal was to attract people interested in the courses taught by Tulio Cotta in São Paulo in March 2017, and also boost his professional recognition in the city.

Training new beauty professionals

To find the ideal audience for classes in the city of São Paulo, Studio Tulio Cotta’s marketing team used data from the Facebook pixel to create a lookalike audience of people who had already visited his website. They also used a native audience of women aged 25–44, living in the São Paulo region, who were interested in eyebrows or dermopigmentation. The team also used segmentation by household income to find candidates whose income matched the course’s cost, to increase the likelihood of conversion.

Photo ads with a “Sign Up” button targeted to this audience. The ads showed the “before and after” of an eyebrow that had been worked on, catching the eye of those interested in learning the professional technique. The strategy brought good results for Tulio Cotta. Not only was he able to fill his two classes during the 45-day campaign, but Instagram was the main driver: 77% of the course’s registrations came from the platform.