The cleaning product brand used a live shopping event on Instagram to promote a new line of detergent and fabric spray that it was launching exclusively with a creator partner on the platform, resulting in more than $40,000 in sales during the hour-long live event.

Premium fabric care and home cleaning

Founded in 2004 by Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd, The Laundress offers expert-crafted laundry and home cleaning products that can be found online and in stores around the world.

more than $40,000

in sales generated during the hour-long live event1


of shop visits on the day of the event were from people who did not follow the account1


lift in ad recall


lift in brand awareness

We leaned into Instagram Shopping as the cornerstone of our activation. We wanted to connect with our customers in real time, drive a sense of exclusiveness and enable sales at the moment of discovery—Instagram Shopping delivered and enabled a big moment for our brand.
Creating excitement for new products

The Laundress wanted to build brand awareness with new audiences and promote its new Way Out West product line.

Live shopping with a personal touch

The Laundress launched its Way Out West product collection in collaboration with one of its well-established creator partners exclusively on Instagram for 24 hours and used a live shopping event on launch day to generate excitement and provide the first opportunity for people to buy online. The format of the event was a lighthearted conversation between The Laundress’ co-founder Lindsey Boyd and the brand’s creator partner.

As the co-hosts showcased each product in the collection, they also used the time to discuss the origins of their partnership and the creator’s passion for wardrobe care. This led to an informative exchange on the meditative aspects of doing laundry, along with specific laundry hacks and travel tips. As the co-hosts highlighted specific products, the team pinned them onscreen, allowing audience members to view product details, add them to their carts and check out without leaving Instagram.

Promoting the event
The Laundress partnered with media agency Booyah on a two-phase strategy: before and after the live shopping event.

Pre-Live event strategy
The Laundress created two separate Instagram ad campaigns that ran for the seven days leading up to the event. Each campaign demographically targeted ads to men and women aged 25-65, to broad lookalike audiences based on the brand’s newsletter subscribers, video viewers and people who liked the brand’s Page, as well as to people with an interest in its creator partner. While the team set reach as the objective of the first campaign and used video ads and photo ads to inform people about the upcoming event, it set engagement as the objective of the second campaign and used event response ads to encourage people to RSVP.

Both The Laundress and its creator partner also used their Instagram pages to tease details about the live event before it was scheduled to air. The brand published four in-feed posts the week before the broadcast, each shared on separate days, to build anticipation for the event. The creator shared event details using an Instagram story post on the day of the event to generate excitement among their fanbase.

Post-Live event strategy
To drive post-event sales, The Laundress ran an Instagram ad campaign that ran for 14 days after the live event with the objective set for conversions. The team used detailed targeting to reach men and women aged 25–65, people interested in clothing, designer clothing, laundry detergent and the creator, and to narrow lookalike audiences of people similar to the brand’s repeat and high-value purchasers as well as its top 25% highest spending purchasers. The team also retargeted ads to people who engaged with the video of the live event. Ad creative for the campaign consisted of video ads created from clips of the live event in addition to collection ads featuring the Way Out West collection.

Within the first ten days after the live event, The Laundress shared three in-feed posts and six stories in which it tagged products from its Way Out West collection, giving viewers more opportunities to shop the collection without leaving Instagram. Of these, the content that drove the most sales was an in-feed post of the live shopping event the brand shared immediately after the event ended.

The Laundress determined the results of its campaign between October 26–November 19, 2021 using data reported in Facebook Ads Manager and Commerce Manager, and also conducted a brand lift study to understand the impact of its efforts. The team measured the following results:

  • more than $40,000 in sales generated during the hour-long live event*

  • 23-point lift in ad recall

  • 13-point lift in brand awareness

  • 4-point lift in purchase consideration

*This result was provided by The Laundress based on campaigns run in October and November 2021 and is not the result of a controlled study. Your results may vary.