When this Korean makeup brand ran Instagram-branded content ads in partnership with beauty influencers to launch a new product, test different storytelling approaches and drive online sales, it saw a 51% higher return on ad spend.

Beauty relationships

Surepi is an up-and-coming South Korean beauty brand that offers trendy makeup products via its own ecommerce site. The brand regularly launches new products, such as the Ridge Highlighter, and finds inspiration through relationships with influencers.


higher return on ad spend (with product-focused ads)


lower cost per action (with product-focused ads)


lower cost per purchase (with product-focused ads)


lower cost for reaching 1,000 people (with product-focused ads)

Partnering with influencers who can effectively represent our brand has produced a lot of high-quality content, earning us trust from consumers. With the Facebook’s help, we are now able to test the performance of this content and gain a deeper understanding of our audience’s behavior. We will continue testing the efficacy of our content to gain insights and improve performance.
Making the most of collaborations

Many of Surepi’s products are created in partnership with beauty influencers in Korea, so Surepi wanted to find an effective way of launching and selling new makeup products digitally with the help of its collaborators.

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Putting Stories to the test

Surepi collaborated with Korean beauty content creators on Instagram for its branded content ad campaign. The company used and boosted Stories and Instagram posts that the creators posted on their accounts, and also featured them as ads in Stories and video ads. Surepi worked closely with marketing agency Leferi to identify which influencers to work with, and also to develop the mobile-optimized creative.

The brand asked the influencers to create several 15-second Stories and posts with two different storylines. One emphasized the new product’s unique advantages and how it looks, while the other provided a tutorial on how to use the product. Surepi used Facebook’s Test & Learn approach, carrying out a split test for different ad creative to identify the better-performing Story and post.

The brand broadly targeted the campaign to people over the age of 18 in South Korea. Surepi used automatic placements to deliver ads across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network in a cost-efficient manner, as well as campaign budget optimization to identify the best-performing ads.

Surepi’s branded content campaign ran for seven days in April 2020 and successfully helped drive online sales, resulting in a:

  • 51% higher return on ad spend with product-focused ads

  • 33% lower cost per action (any purchase-related action) with product-focused ads

  • 47% lower cost per purchase with product-focused ads

  • 35% lower cost for reaching 1,000 people with product-focused ads

This campaign has illustrated how brands can strategically design branded content that helps them achieve business objectives. There is no doubt that influencers can add value to campaigns and that by using branded content ads, this can be measured effectively. By selecting influencers who have high engagement and designing a powerful storyline, we certainly added value to the campaign.