The fashion and beauty shopping platform collaborated with content creators to run Instagram branded content ads to drive sales, increasing its return on ad spend by 27%.

Integrated fashion

StyleShare is a South Korean fashion and beauty community and ecommerce platform with over six million avid customers. The platform has grown into a marketplace that connects people to brands big and small, and gives people a place to share the latest beauty and fashion tips.


lower cost per purchase with branded content ads


increase in return on ad spend with branded content ads


increase in number of people reached with branded content ads


lower cost per add-to-cart with branded content ads

Instagram is the perfect platform for fashion brands, because it is conducive to showcasing new trends, directly connecting with fashionistas and driving sales in ways that are simultaneously non-intrusive and creative. After seeing the results of this campaign, we will continue to test and invest in branded content ads for our future campaigns.
Taking brands into focus

The fashion and beauty platform wanted to boost a joint promotion by two brands on its platform—US by StyleShare and Toii—and find a new approach to increase sales in a cost-effective way.

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Going creative for impact

StyleShare used branded content on Instagram for the first time to help drive winter collection sales for two of its partnering brands. The company collaborated with specialized fashion content creators to show their unique outfit styles, which were created with US by StyleShare and Toii products, through Instagram feed and Stories. The posts uploaded on creators’ accounts were marked “paid partnership with StyleShare” and directed viewers to the StyleShare’s website or mobile app.

StyleShare worked closely with the Facebook Marketing Partner Vamp, which connected the company with content creators and helped with publishing branded content ads. The content creators adapted the creative for all branded content ads to fit the unique specifications of Instagram feed, Stories and Facebook. For instance, the content creators posted full-view single images on Instagram Stories, but used the carousel format to showcase multiple images in Instagram feed.

The branded content ads were initially posted on Instagram, but StyleShare used automatic placements to deliver the ads across Facebook and Audience Network to reach a larger potential audience. The campaign was broadly targeted to people in South Korea.

Running over nine days in December 2019, StyleShare’s branded content campaign saw the following results compared to a previous campaign that did not use branded content:

  • 31% lower cost per purchase

  • 27% increase in return on ad spend

  • 42% increase in the number of people reached

  • 17% lower cost per add-to-cart