Sprite used the visual power of Instagram Stories to connect with a young audience on their own turf and improve brand positioning with a dynamic message.

A drink born to refresh

Available in over 190 countries, this sparkling lemon/lime drink was created in 1961 by The Coca-Cola Company. In Latin America, previous slogans were “Obey your thirst” (Obedece a tu sed), “Face it” (Las cosas como son) and “Life refreshes” (La verdad refresca), and the current one, “Born to refresh” (Nacidos para refrescar).


lift in ad recall


lift in top-of-mind awareness


lift in brand favorability

Sprite wants to speak to the new generation of young people. Everything we want to do is for them, to celebrate their unique view of the world. We want to talk to them in their own language and on the platforms where we know they interact. Instagram was the ideal tool to reach that goal. Instagram Stories let us reach our young audience using content aimed at aligning ourselves with their interests, catching their attention in a matter of seconds, and communicating our campaign message. We achieved great results and learned useful lessons that we’ll definitely continue to apply as we seek to connect with this generation.
Karen Arreola, IMC Manager, Sprite Mexico
Dynamic and innovative

Sprite wanted to improve their positioning among young people with a perception as a fun, dynamic brand.

Ready? Action!

Sprite caught the attention of their audience with ads in Instagram Stories. Fifteen seconds is all it took to show the brand’s story, using good music, rhythm and a clear message. Under the concept of the slogan #NacidosParaRefrescar (Born to refresh), the video put forward the idea that with Sprite, you can overcome obstacles, and that it’s a drink for unique young people who take risks to get what they want. The video was carefully planned, from the music and colors to the filming, to make sure it was interesting and used the language of the new generation of young people.

The video opened with a fun way to open a Sprite, showing a young guy doing a back-flip with the caption “GET REFRESHED IN 360.” The sequence continued with him following a path and jumping over 3 obstacles, and finished with him enjoying a Sprite after a hard journey, accompanied by upbeat music that grabbed viewers’ attention.

Sprite reached a mass audience by targeting an ad in Stories to people aged 13 and older, and shared it between February 2–March 5, 2017. Impressive results were measured using a Nielsen Brand Effect study: a 4-point increase in top-of-mind awareness, an 18-point increase in ad recall and a 2-point increase in brand favorability.