To reach Father’s Day shoppers, Sport Chek tested a traditional print direct mailer against Facebook's digital circular solution and saw an 8.7% lift in omnichannel sales with the digital circular solution.

Canadian sporting goods retailer

Sport Chek is a leading Canadian retailer of athletic clothing and sports equipment with 192 stores throughout Canada. Sport Chek, a brand of Canadian Tire Corporation, aims to reach Canadians of all ages and abilities and motivate them to lead healthy, active lifestyles.


lift in omnichannel (in-store and online) sales using the digital circular solution


return on ad spend using the digital circular solution

The cross-publisher GeoLift measurement framework allowed us to partner with Facebook on analyzing true business value across media (print and digital) on one of our largest marketing investments, and to objectively measure Facebook and Instagram’s total revenue impact. It also proved that Facebook’s digital circular solution is a complementary yet competitive sales driver when working alongside large print investments.
Increasing omnichannel sales

Sport Chek wanted to drive in-store and online sales during its Father’s Day promotion. It also sought to validate that Facebook’s personalized digital circular solution is as efficient as traditional direct mailers at driving omnichannel sales when using a similar investment across both channels.

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Testing the media mix

Sport Chek traditionally mailed its paper direct mailers to Canadian households to advertise product sales, but had no complementary support on its digital channels. So, for the Father’s Day sales event, the team decided to test its traditional direct mailer against Facebook's new digital circular solution to understand how well it drove cross-channel efficiency.

The digital circular solution includes a creative template that supports product discovery by enabling advertisers to offer personalized product suggestions to each ad viewer. For this campaign, the digital circular solution used a collection ad format that opened into a full-screen, custom-built Instant Experience. The products shown in the Instant Experience were dynamically pulled from the advertiser’s catalog based on each viewer’s expressed online interest in that or similar products.

Viewers could easily scroll through items on sale, including athletic shoes, jackets, headphones, fitness trackers, golf balls and more. While the presentation mimicked the look and feel of a traditional direct mailer, this personalized format included a “Shop Now” button that linked to the relevant product pages on Sport Chek’s website.

To understand how each performed, the team ran a three-cell Cross-publisher GeoLift Study. One cell consisted of people who saw no ads (control group), another consisted of recipients of just the direct mailer and the third consisted of those who only received the digital circular solution.

Sport Chek sent both the direct mailer and the digital circular solution to Canadian adults aged 18 and over across multiple test postal codes. Specifically, it mailed the direct mailers, as usual, and delivered the digital circular solution in Facebook and Instagram feeds four times per week to reach 75% of the addressable audience. Sport Chek also used the campaign budget optimization feature to allow Facebook’s algorithm to automatically distribute the budget across the best-performing ad sets in real time.

Sport Chek measured the results of the June 17‒July 21, 2021 campaign using a Cross-publisher GeoLift study, which analyzed business value across media (print and digital) and sales channels (online and in-store), and revealed an:

  • 8.7% lift in omnichannel (in-store and online) sales using the digital circular solution
  • 9.1X in return on ad spend using the digital circular solution
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Facebook’s digital circular solution allowed Sport Chek to integrate personalization into the drive-to-store ad experience for each recipient. Moving forward, Sport Chek will continue to use the efficient and unbiased cross-publisher GeoLift measurement framework to validate that it is using the most optimized media mix (print and digital) for driving omnichannel (in-store and online) sales.