The wellness brand SpoiledChild boosted ad recall by 13 points with a playful campaign of attention-grabbing Instagram video ads.

Intelligent hair and skincare products

Launched in February 2022, SpoiledChild is a direct-to-consumer wellness brand that delivers personalised hair and skincare products in refillable, sustainable packaging. By using large-scale consumer testing, machine learning, and proprietary algorithms, SpoiledChild matches consumers to their perfect products based on their unique profile.


increase in ad recall


increase in brand awareness

47 million

total reach

For our brand launch campaign in February 2022, our main objective was to build brand awareness rapidly. Meta was an integral part of our strategy and through the platform, we were able to drive significant brand awareness, ad recall, and reach within our first few weeks of launching SpoiledChild. We’ve been able to build on this important initial foundation of brand awareness, continuing our hyper growth with Meta remaining a key partner for us.
Raising brand awareness

As a newly launched brand, SpoiledChild wanted to raise awareness by emphasising the qualities that set it apart, including its patented refillable capsule-style packaging, its online personalisation engine, known as SpoiledBrain, and its perspective as an intelligent wellness brand that refuses to take aging seriously.

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Thumb-stopping video ads

Beginning with the insight that people love to share extraordinary things, especially through Stories and Reels, SpoiledChild collaborated with Meta Creative Shop and creative tech agency Gravity to develop the concept of the “out of home campaign that happened on mobile”.

SpoiledChild sent scouts to shoot real locations around New York City using their own mobile phones. Then, with CGI, it added its eye-catching green capsule packaging to turn the city into a playground of extraordinary sights. The campaign celebrated the brand’s core belief “Stay Immature”. The short video ads featured phone booths filled with wobbling inflatable capsules, or shots of a Times Square billboard in which green capsules tumbled endlessly behind the tagline “Advertising is Getting Old”.

The visually arresting ads were designed to spark curiosity and inspire people to find out more about the brand, raising awareness of SpoiledChild at its launch. SpoiledChild created 15 ad prototypes and 63 different versions, crafted for different formats and lengths. Different versions of the ads appeared across Instagram Stories, Reels and as in-stream video ads.

The campaign ran in the US in February 2022, and was measured by a brand lift study, which revealed:

  • 13-point increase in ad recall
  • 4.4-point increase in brand awareness
  • 47 million total people reached
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