Online children’s store SpearmintLOVE efficiently retargeted its best audience with dynamic ads, driving a double-digit return on ad spend.

Born from a blog

SpearmintLOVE was founded in 2013 by popular mommy blogger Shari Lott, who was struggling to find a modern take on the Swiss Cross blanket for her daughter’s room. SpearmintLOVE has since grown to a far-reaching website for infant and toddler clothing and accessories.


return on ad spend directly from Instagram


decrease in cost per purchase, compared to average across Instagram, Facebook and Audience Network


average cost per conversion across Instagram, Facebook and Audience Network

When it came time to scale the business, Instagram and Facebook became natural places to test our first ads. As a small business, we had less room for error, because every dollar is getting put back into our business.
Shari Lott, founder and CEO, SpearmintLOVE
Reaching more moms

The SpearmintLOVE team wanted to reach more customers more easily, especially those who had visited its website but had not yet purchased anything.

Retargeting made easy

The SpearmintLOVE team had great success with its organic posts, but the business really grew after advertising on Instagram, Facebook and Audience Network. To continue that growth, the company used Ads Manager to integrate the Facebook pixel with BigCommerce, its third-party ecommerce website—all without touching a single line of code.

For its Thanksgiving retargeting campaign, the SpearmintLOVE team optimized its ads for conversions, and used data from the Facebook pixel to set up Custom Audience to retarget. The team used to manually build out its targeting lists, but with the newly integrated pixel, it can now automatically build a Custom Audience based on the people who visited its website within the last 60 days but did not purchase. This audience is constantly and automatically renewed based on the 60-day window.

SpearmintLOVE then used dynamic ads, which pull from the company’s product catalogue, to encourage people to revisit the site and make a purchase.

Since integrating the pixel, SpearmintLOVE has welcomed a 33.8X return on ad spend on Instagram alone and a 47% decrease in the cost per purchase.

Using the Facebook pixel has greatly simplified our ad tracking and creation, from automating audiences to tracking return on ad spend. Since we have no technical team to help with the challenges of rapidly scaling an ecommerce business, the Facebook pixel implemented on the BigCommerce platform was huge for us; it makes enterprise tools and results accessible to any business.
John Lott, CFO/COO, SpearmintLOVE
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