Kids fashion retailer Sparkle In Pink created a series of Instagram video ads using Facebook’s slideshow tool to drive traffic to its website and encourage online sales, resulting in its best-ever conversion rate.

Fashion for mini-fashionistas

Founded in 2011 by mother and daughter Diane and Quynn Larsen, Utah-based Sparkle In Pink offers high fashion outfits for little girls at wholesale prices. Quynn was inspired to start the store when she noticed a lack of choice and value in keeping her daughter looking chic.


growth in total monthly sales since using video ads created with Facebook’s slideshow


cost per acquisition


cheaper cost per acquisition than other social media channels

The return on ad spend with Instagram video ads format has been incredible. We’re really excited about using slideshow-developed videos because it’s the best performing format that we’ve found on Instagram and Facebook so far. We’ve now increased our budget to see how far it’ll take us.
Sparkling sales

Diane and Quynn focused on customer acquisition and sales conversions as their main Instagram marketing objectives.

Driving sales with slides

Sparkle In Pink had run successful campaigns on Instagram and Facebook and knew ads taking people to the product page helped items sell quickly. To balance the pace of sales, Quynn decided to create Instagram video ads using Facebook’s slideshow.

The Larsens knew the best-performing ads promoted new products on the website’s homepage. So, Quynn created Instagram ads that directed people to Sparkle In Pink’s homepage with new arrivals.

Quynn discovered longer slideshow-developed video ads with no fade, sharp copy and a “Shop Now” call to action worked best. The brand targeted four audience segments based on engagement with the Sparkle In Pink website and other channels: people who had never engaged with the brand, people who like the brand on Facebook but hadn’t been to the site in 30 days, people who had visited the site in 30 days but are not fans on Facebook, and people who had visited the site in 30 days and like the brand on Facebook

With the help of the campaign, Instagram and Facebook have proven to be the best performing platform for this ad format, bringing a 9% increase in total monthly sales and 6X lower costs per acquisition.