This women’s fashion brand tested Instagram’s new conversion optimization model—view-through conversion optimization—to reach consumers, which boosted purchase conversions by 23%.

Street style

SHEIN offers fashion-conscious young women and teens the latest styles at affordable prices. Founded in 2008, the company now ships its fashionable, economical apparel to consumers globally.


purchase conversion lift with view-through conversion optimization1


more cost-effective per purchase conversion with view-through optimization


increase in people reached on Instagram2

Instagram is a key focus for SHEIN, and we are continuously experimenting on the platform. This test focused on a new conversion optimization method, which utilizes both post-view and post-click conversions, and we saw a solid improvement in our return on investment. It helped us develop best practices on Instagram.
Getting more bang for their buck

SHEIN carried out out a trial to see whether using the post-view and post-click conversion optimisation window would deliver a better return on ad spend than the post-click conversion optimisation window alone for its carousel ad campaigns.

Window of success

To determine which was most cost-effective for its Instagram ad campaigns, the fashion brand ran a test to compare the post-click only conversion optimization window against the new post-view and post-click conversion optimization window. This new model optimizes future ad delivery based on the conversions that occur after a click or a view, which allows companies to reach more people who are more likely to convert.

The trial ran for 7 weeks between August–September 2017, and used a conversion lift study to test each approach on 3 different sets of ads. The carousel ads featured SHEIN tops, which were set against a plain background that allowed the colors to pop. SHEIN used the Facebook pixel to track purchase conversions with a conversion lift test.

SHEIN discovered that compared to optimizing for clicks, view-through conversion optimization performed significantly better at each step of the purchase funnel (view content, add to cart, initiate checkout, complete registration, purchase) and also attracted a broader audience.

View-through conversion optimization also performed better than click-through conversion optimization and achieved a greater return on ad spend. With the same budget, the view-through model reached 9% more people, with a purchase conversion lift of 23%—compared to a 14.5% conversion lift for clicks. Ads using view-through conversion optimization were also 45% more cost-effective per incremental conversion.