The Saudi producers of fresh fruit and vegetables bolstered brand awareness and reached 2.8 million people multiple times with an Instagram video ad campaign to celebrate a national holiday, thanks to reach and frequency buying.

Market-fresh produce

SharbatlyFruit is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading fresh produce brands, supplying a wide range of the freshest fruit and vegetables to customers across the kingdom.

2.8 million

people reached

3.8 million

video views over 3 days

Brands need to stay close to their customers, particularly at special moments during the year. It was important to us to celebrate Saudi National Day with our audience and where better to do it than Instagram? It is by far the most effective way to deliver our message and creative and we were delighted with the results we achieved.
Enhancing brand awareness

Although it has been a household name in Saudi Arabia for several generations, SharbatlyFruit wanted strengthen brand awareness by creating an emotional connection with its customers, particularly during notable times of year such as holidays and festivals.

Celebrating Saudi National Day

SharbatlyFruit ran a short brand awareness campaign to coincide with Saudi National Day 2020, an important national holiday. It created an emotive video that expressed national pride, using a variety of stunning visuals that celebrated the kingdom’s heritage and natural beauty.

An interest-based audience of people aged 21–55, living in Saudi Arabia, saw this in video ads in Instagram feed and Explore feed. To achieve the maximum impact on brand awareness, SharbatlyFruit aimed to show the video ads to audiences several times during the Saudi National Day holiday. So, it used a reach and frequency buying model, which allowed it to control the number of times audiences saw the ads.

The three-day campaign resulted in:

  • 2.8 million people reached

  • 3.8 million video views over 3 days