PepsiCo ran a Instagram and Facebook-only video ad campaign for its orange and cola drink Schwip Schwap and efficiently achieved TV-scale results, including a 14% lift in sales.

Liquid assets

Schwip Schwap, made by the soft drinks giant PepsiCo, is a sparkling cocktail of orange and cola, an iconic treat in German-speaking Europe.


lift in sales among people reached, compared with a general TV sales lift benchmark of 6%1

17.1 million

people reached


annualized return on investment2

Instagram and Facebook provided a strong sales uplift and exceeded our expectations in a still-efficient way, while outperforming our average return on investment benchmarks. The outcome proved us that we’re on the right path to evolve our media mix further from a very classic TV-centric model to a more multi-dimensional perspective, in which we increase the importance of digital even more.
Putting increased investment to the test

PepsiCo wanted to test whether investing similar amounts of money in Facebook and Instagram as in TV would produce TV-like sales volume, while remaining efficient.

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Making a soft drink sparkle

For its reach and frequency campaign across Instagram and Facebook, Schwip Schwap created a series of short, mobile-optimized video ads for a digital-only campaign.

Using automatic placements, the video ads ran in Instagram feed and Stories, Facebook News Feed and Stories, Marketplace, and as in-stream video. Overall, the ad placement split was 62/38 in favor of Instagram.

The vertical-format videos were designed to catch the eye of a young target audience, using bright colors and images showing people having fun while enjoying the product.

The campaign proved that Instagram and Facebook alone, without any parallel TV activity, can drive significant sales and higher-than-normal return on ad spend, particularly among a young, mobile-first target audience.

Running between July 2–August 26, 2019, the campaign achieved:

  • 14% lift in sales among people reached (compared with a general TV sales lift benchmark of 6%)1

  • 17.1 million people reached

  • 91% targeting accuracy among adults aged 18–54

  • 1.5X annualized return on investment (exceeding PepsiCo’s internal benchmarks)2