Safe + Fair ran Instagram and Facebook video ads in a campaign to increase online sales, and saw a 44% lift in purchase conversions.

Clean label, craveable snacks

Safe + Fair is a Chicago-based clean label food brand. Founded on the premise that real ingredients shouldn’t be overpriced and allergy-safe snacks shouldn’t taste like the wrapper they come in, the brand prioritizes good manufacturing practices to ensure that people can indulge without worry.


lift in brand awareness


lift in sales (per conversion lift study)


lift in purchase conversions

Focusing on running ads in Instagram Stories helped us see the power of our short-form animations and the effectiveness of user-generated content. Stories have been a great way for us to share the personality of our brand, while continuing to improve upon our paid media strategies.
Boosting brand awareness

Safe + Fair wanted to attract more snack enthusiasts, increase brand awareness and drive higher online sales.

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Scroll-stopping ad creative

Safe + Fair, a relatively new entrant in the clean label food space, wanted to run a far-reaching nationwide Facebook campaign to attract more snack enthusiasts. The brand partnered with its agency, Good Moose, to design the ad campaign.

The team met with Facebook Creative Shop about how to bolster the brand’s ad creative, and followed the advice to test a wide variety to see what works best. The team built a mix of photo and video ads, and played with adding animated GIFs, imagery and user-generated lifestyle content for authenticity. It followed best practices for mobile-optimized creative by ensuring that the ads clearly introduced the product, featured the logo and brand upfront and used text overlays so that messaging was understandable with sound off.

Examples of the most effective ads included a video that prominently showcased Safe + Fair’s Key Lime Pie flavored granola and popcorn products, and a video in Instagram Stories that featured user-generated content showing people enjoying the brand’s Drizzled Popcorn products. Each ad included a “Shop Now” button that linked to the brand’s website.

The team showed ads to US adults aged 18 and over, including those with an interest in baking, Cooking Channel or snack food. It also showed the ads to a lookalike audience of people with characteristics similar to those who have purchased on the website. Safe + Fair used automatic placements to allow Facebook to deliver ads across all Facebook apps and services, based on which placements were most likely to drive the best campaign results at the lowest cost.

Safe + Fair chose to implement the placement asset customization feature within automatic placements, which allowed the brand to customize and reformat creative to run in multiple-sized placements―whether vertical, square or rectangular. The brand also used Facebook’s campaign budget optimization feature to automatically distribute the budget across the best-performing ad sets in real time.

Safe + Fair determined the results of its June 17–July 14, 2020 campaign using a Facebook performance lift study (a conversion lift study plus brand lift study), which revealed a:

  • 15-point lift in brand awareness

  • $78,300 lift in sales (per conversion lift study)

  • 44% lift in purchase conversions

With new products and flavors launching bi-monthly, our innovation consistently excites returning customers. But as a startup, we needed to get the word out and broaden our consumer base. Since scaling our Instagram strategy in early 2020, we have seen significant success in attracting first-time customers through brand awareness campaigns and keeping them coming back for more.