Lifestyle brand SA Company used carousel ads to reach new and existing customers, successfully increasing website visits and its return on ad spend.

Building a lifestyle brand

SA Company transformed from a startup fishing apparel company into a global lifestyle brand. It began by offering quality outdoor gear at reasonable prices, before eventually expanding into apparel.


return on ad spend from Instagram alone


return on ad spend from Instagram and Facebook combined


increase in traffic

Using Instagram gave us the power to control the controllables in the digital era—to really connect with our consumers on a viral level. Instagram, together with Facebook, has allowed us to transform our startup fishing apparel company into a global brand.
Joseph Trebitz, CMO, SA Company
Personal sales

SA Company wanted to drive sales of its popular face shields on its website by engaging with and informing its audience about various product features and deals.

Fishing for conversions

To drive more targeted traffic to its website for higher conversions, SA Company used Custom Audiences, which were built from contest signups. It also created lookalike audiences based on various Custom Audiences to target the ads to prospective customers who were most likely to buy.

The company also focused on audiences with the highest click-through rates. Based on what it had learned from past Instagram and Facbeook ad campaigns, these audiences were men aged 18–35 living on the East Coast.

The ongoing campaign, which was initially launched in early May 2016, used carousel ads that featured lifestyle shots in various terrain where the company’s face shields are commonly used. The ads also highlighted various product features and several of the eye-catching styles in which the face shields are available. Alongside these photos, ad creative highlighted the face shields' protective features, as well as the company’s lifetime warranty.

The brand also tested and measured the campaigns to glean insights that allowed it to better understand its audience, helping it to achieve a 2.74X return on ad spend.