When the Angry Birds mobile game developer compared ads that were created specifically for Instagram Stories with ad creative repurposed from other channels, it found that the custom-built ads brought in a 14-point higher increase in app installs at a lower cost.

For the birds

Created by Finnish company Rovio Entertainment Corporation, Angry Birds 2 is a sequel to the original Angry Birds game, where colorful birds save their eggs from the enemy: pigs.


higher increase in installs among audiences who saw custom Stories creative1


lower cost per install on iOS with custom Stories creative


lower cost per install on Android with custom creative

Instagram Stories is a great place to advertise and create awareness about our game. The Instagram Stories placement provides a cool way to rethink our creative and to get the most out of it.
Testing the creative limits

Rovio wanted to see if creating custom creative for ads in Instagram Stories would increase installs of its Angry Birds 2 app compared to repurposing creative used on other digital channels.

Thinking vertically

Having had previous success on Instagram by using ad creative repurposed from other digital channels, Rovio decided to see if creative made specifically for ads in Instagram Stories would improve its results. Using the unique vertical space of Instagram Stories, the creative showed a bird-one of the characters from the Angry Birds 2 app—launching across the screen, hitting the other side of the phone and sliding down the vertical plane.

The developer targeted the ads to a lookalike audience of its gaming base in its most relevant markets. To make sure it tracked the results accurately, the gaming app ran an conversion lift study.

At the end of the campaign run, the gaming company saw strong results. There was an 82% lift in Angry Birds 2 app installs among audiences who saw the custom made-for-Stories ad creative compared to a 68% among those who saw the repurposed creative, with the strongest lift occurring on Android. The company also saw an 11% lower cost per install on iOS with the custom creative, and 7% lower cost per install on Android.

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