By placing ads in more than four placements and extending the window between viewing ads in Instagram Stories and purchasing, REVOLVE increased purchases from ads in Stories by 3.2X.

A spree of designers

Founded in 2003 by Michael Mente and Mike Karanikolas, REVOLVE is an online store offering a wide collection of brands of men's and women's designer apparel, shoes and accessories. The company has built a community of over 2,500 influencers and brand partners.


increase in purchases for ads in Instagram Stories


more people reached by ads in Instagram Stories


increase in purchases overall

Including additional placements gave us more opportunities to reach potential customers, and adding one-day view into our conversion window allowed us to optimize off of more information. As a result, we were able to increase scale and efficiency of our ads.
Testing for the best

Revolve wanted to see if opting in to multiple placements and adding view into typically click only optimization window would increase sales, particularly for ads in Instagram stories.

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Finding the perfect window

REVOLVE devised a campaign strategy based on the best practice of opting into four or more ad placements. Its video ads highlighted its summer collection and appeared in Instagram feed, Facebook News Feed, ads in Instagram, Facebook and Messenger Stories, as well as Audience Network.

REVOLVE also wanted to test if ad performance would change when adding in consideration of purchases made within one day of viewing an ad, instead of its usual approach of only considering purchases made within a seven-day click period.

REVOLVE showed the ads to a broad audience and to a lookalike audience based on existing customers. It selected Facebook’s auto advanced matching feature, which uses information provided by the Facebook pixel to match activities on its website, such as purchases, with people in its customer list or people on Facebook. The matching allows for better attribution and efficient remarketing. The pixel hashes the customer identifiers on the website before sending them to Facebook to help protect shoppers’ privacy.

Using multiple placements with ads in Instagram Stories and optimizing the view-to-purchase window brought strong results. The window optimization test ran from July 22–August 19, 2019, and found these key results:

  • 3.2X increase in purchases for ads in Instagram Stories

  • 2.7X more people reached by ads in Instagram Stories

  • 2.4X increase in purchases overall, with only 2.1X increase in spend

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