Sparkling natural mineral water brand Perrier used video ads on Instagram to raise brand awareness and boost in-store sales of its iconic bottled water, resulting in a significant increase in household penetration and revenue.

Success in a bottle

Founded in 1863, Perrier is a sparkling natural mineral water brand captured at the source in Vergèze, France. Famous for its distinct green bottle and carbonation, Perrier is the ultimate thirst quencher.


lift in ad recall (phase 1)


increase in purchase intent (phase 1)

Instagram and Facebook play critical roles in our marketing efforts for Perrier. With these platforms, we’re able to reach our intended audience at scale, and deliver extraordinary content that is uniquely created for these mobile-first channels. Our campaign results demonstrate how powerful the Instagram and Facebook platforms are: not only for awareness, but also for driving sales.
Hydrating households

Perrier wanted to increase brand awareness and boost in-store sales of its namesake product. Its Instagram campaign was the second part of the brand’s two-phase mobile advertising strategy.

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Hypnotizing results

To drive household penetration and purchase intent, Perrier ran a two-phased strategy across both Instagram and Facebook.

During phase 1, Perrier joined forces with marketing agency Mirrorball and media agency MetaVision Media to create mobile-optimized video ads that would capture people’s attention on Facebook News Feeds.

It targeted these ads to a broad audience of men and women aged 25–40 interested in nightlife, convenience, pop culture and competitor brands. It also targeted an audience based on DLX data, such as people who buy bottled water and carbonated drinks.

In the second phase, Perrier ran a mobile-focused Instagram campaign to drive in-store sales of the sparkling water.

Each of the ads was playful and colorful—for instance, one ad prominently featured a stylized cartoon of the Perrier bottle pouring a bright rainbow into a glass. The short, hypnotizing video was paired with ad copy that encouraged people to stay hydrated.

Not only did the campaign directly attribute to a significant increase in household penetration, but it also contributed to a huge bump in offline revenue—a significant increase over the CPG average.