Paramount Pictures increased standard ad recall for the film Top Gun: Maverick by 16 points in the UK with a unique augmented reality trailer on Instagram.

Hollywood high-flyers

Paramount Pictures is the home of the Top Gun films, the second of which was released around the world in May 2022.


lift in standard ad recall


lift in brand awareness


lift in intent

The Top Gun: Maverick augmented reality trailer marks a new frontier in movie marketing that will inspire creators and brands across the globe to push boundaries in their creative execution. By putting the audience at the heart of the storyline, the filter creates a powerful and immersive experience that will excite fans and spur them to interact with a trailer in a way they haven’t before.
Memorable movie marketing

Paramount Pictures wanted to appeal to film-going audiences and existing fans of the original 1986 Top Gun, but also to attract new audiences who might be unfamiliar with the first film.

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Putting people in the pilot’s seat

Paramount Pictures launched a unique augmented reality experience to complement the film trailer launch cycle. Knowing that this approach would appeal to a younger potential audience who might not be familiar with Top Gun. The experience enabled the audience to “star in the trailer” of Top Gun: Maverick.

Paramount Pictures worked with digital creative agency Tommy and with Meta Creative Shop to create an interactive, narrative-driven augmented-reality immersive moment to bring people into the world of Top Gun: Maverick.

The made-for-mobile augmented reality trailer was designed for both Facebook and Instagram, giving people the chance to become a Top Gun flight school candidate, picking their helmet and call sign based on those of the recruits in the new film.

After take-off, players had to react quickly to dodge incoming threats that re-created the thrill of the film. Based on performance, players received a rating ranging from rookie to full-on wingman. Sound and music from the film was used to guide people through the experience, including the voices of Tom Cruise and other stars of the film. The trailer finished with a call-to-action frame that encouraged viewers to go and see Top Gun: Maverick.

Designed to be playable immediately in Instagram feed and Stories, the Top Gun: Maverick augmented reality experience took off in 17 different markets across Facebook and Instagram on April 18, 2022. A brand lift study in the UK found that the campaign had achieved:

  • 16-point lift in standard ad recall
  • 5.1-point lift in brand awareness
  • 5.4-point lift in intent
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