When launching a new model of its Bistro toaster oven, the home-appliance brand used the machine learning-based tool Gamma Score to optimize the ad creative in its multi-part Instagram campaign, and saw 2X as many sales compared to a previous product launch campaign.

Home appliances for a better life

Founded in Japan in 1918, Panasonic is an electric appliance manufacturer famous for home appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines and lighting fixtures. "A Better Life, A Better World" encapsulates Panasonic's vision of providing customers with a more comfortable lifestyle.


more purchases from full-funnel campaign using Gamma Score (compared to previous product launch campaign)1


lift in ad recall


lift in message recall

We realized once again that Instagram is a platform that is integrated into everyday life and can be adapted to various contexts. It is not something that simply brings about a sudden conversation. Instead, it is a place where awareness and understanding of a product can be deepened, while touching on emotions such as excitement and longing that are a constant presence in the hearts of customers. We would like to extend this initiative to other product categories.
Maximize sales of a new model

Launching a new product in the growing category of luxury toaster ovens, Panasonic wanted to run a marketing campaign to promote its new luxury toaster oven.

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Fueling a multi-phased campaign with consumer insights

Panasonic has been using Instagram at all stages of its advertising campaign stages, starting from exploring consumer insights and moving through launch and analysis. To introduce its new luxury toaster oven, Bistro, the brand decided to try Gamma Score, a measurement instrument from Facebook that uses machine learning to help map ad creative to business outcomes. With these insights, Panasonic identified the best creative for Instagram ad formats based on the concept of "Crispy, fluffy and perfect toast."

The ads ran in Instagram feed and Stories to reach people in a variety of placements. To support a “full-funnel” campaign approach—one that targets different ads to people in different stages of the purchase journey—the ads featured different creative variations to promote awareness, consideration and sales, appealing to different sensibilities and promoting a deeper understanding of each different message.

In this campaign, people who saw ads pertaining to each of the stages were more likely to recall the overall campaign message than those who only saw the awareness creative. Panasonic’s full-funnel Instagram strategy successfully encouraged people to move from discovery to interest to purchase, and delivered improved business results as follows:

  • 16-point lift in ad recall (brand lift study)
  • 4.2-point lift in message recall (brand lift study)
  • 2X more purchases from full-funnel campaign using Gamma Score (compared to previous product launch campaign)1
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