The cookie brand used eye-catching ads in Instagram Stories to invite people to take part in its promotion to meet the soccer player Neymar, resulting in cheaper leads and conversions than other media in the same campaign.

The world’s best-selling 100-year-old cookie

Enjoyed by families and friends in more than 100 countries around the world, Oreo is the 21st century’s best-selling cookie, with nearly US$2.9 billion in annual global sales. The brand, which popularized the ritual of “twist, lick, dunk,” celebrated its 100th birthday on March 6, 2012.


increase in ad recall1


growth in ad recognition1


lower cost per lead with ads in Stories compared to campaign average

During our most important campaign of the year, following a suggestion by LOV, we decided to test ads in Stories for the very first time. We were surprised how this Instagram format brought so many results and such a good return on our investment. Without doubt, the key to our success was exploring the message in the most visually compelling, least disruptive manner possible in the space allowed.
Leads, leads and more leads

Oreo had just launched its “Oreo Challenge” promotion, offering customers the chance to compete for trips to Barcelona and various other prizes. The brand needed to publicize the promotion and encourage interested people to sign up for mini-games at the challenge website to participate.

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Efficient publicity

How do you publicize a promotion to a large audience and direct them to a website? Oreo discovered the answer was ads in Instagram Stories.

Oreo created different videos tailored to the Instagram Stories format. This format offers an immersive viewing experience that fills up the entire smartphone screen so that potential customers can devote all their attention to the ad. The ads were targeted to men and women aged 18–34. One of the ads showed a mini-game people could play on the promotion’s website, while the other featured the trip and the prizes that were up for grabs.

The lively ads were designed to be understandable when played with the sound off, but viewers watched 70% of the ads with the sound on. Ad delivery was optimized for website clicks, and the ads featured a link to the website so that interested people could click through to sign up for the promotion.

The agency LOV worked on the media strategy, which had excellent results. Out of 17 types of media used in the campaign, Instagram was achieved the fourth best cost per lead, cost per acquisition and number of impressions. It also achieved a 17% lower cost per lead than the campaign average, showing that ads in Stories can also be extremely efficient. Furthermore, with Instagram and Facebook combined, the campaign achieved an 11-point increase in ad recall and 6-point increase in brand recognition.

Because of the growing importance of ads in Instagram Stories and the platform's great affinity with Oreo’s target audience, LOV worked along with the Facebook team to learn best practices for creating content for this environment. We thought it was important to focus on it, since our campaign had a challenging KPI: taking people to an external website and convincing them to sign up. Our media team then created content that took all of these factors into account.
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