When this Australian entrepreneur and influencer ran a campaign to boost ebook sales, a conversion lift study helped her better understand the impact of ads in Instagram Stories, which delivered 82% more incremental sales.

Empowering women

Marina de Giovanni is an Australian influencer and entrepreneur who aims to empower women through ebooks, courses, exclusive videos and one-on-one coaching sessions. She runs her Not a Model business through social media channels.


more incremental sales with ads in Instagram Stories


higher reach with ads in Instagram Stories


lower cost per conversion lift with ads in Instagram Stories

Understanding how content performs is crucial for the success of anyone working with social media platforms, and thanks to this campaign, I have gained greater insights about the value of Stories. My team and I will definitely continue to create and test content on Instagram Stories in order to both optimize our campaigns and deliver better value to our audience.
Getting stories out

After publishing an ebook to help other women entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, Marina wanted to boost book sales and better understand the value that ads in Instagram Stories have on campaign results.

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Practice what you preach

Marina worked closely with ROAS Media to conceive and carry out the campaign, which ran on Facebook and Instagram. Because her book teaches people how to be successful on Instagram, Marina believed that Stories would be the best way to convey her business journey to her audience.

To test the impact of ads on Stories, Marina set up two campaigns for a split test: one with Instagram Stories and one without. Both campaigns included a video ad of her briefly explaining how to grow one’s influence on Instagram, as well as two animated video ads showcasing the ebook. All ads encouraged people to click through to Marina’s website to purchase.

The campaign ran on Instagram and Facebook for six days in March 2020, broadly targeted to women aged 18–65 worldwide, but excluding people who had previously made a purchase on the website. Marina also retargeted ads to people who had visited the website or engaged with her posts on Facebook and Instagram over the previous six months. She used campaign budget optimization to ensure that ads were placed across Facebook and Instagram in the most cost-efficient manner.

The split test was measured in a conversion lift study to help determine the incremental value of ads in Instagram Stories. To calculate the effect, they measured the impact of the ads in Stories and compared it to the results of the campaign that didn’t use ads in Stories.

The study successfully identified the value of ads in Stories and showed that the campaign had lifted online purchases, among other favorable results:

  • 82% more incremental sales with ads in Instagram Stories

  • 67% higher reach with ads in Instagram Stories

  • 31% lower cost per conversion lift with ads in Instagram Stories

As new features become available on Instagram and Facebook and consumer behaviors shift, it’s important to carefully evaluate your strategies rather than following the hype. Testing strategies that use Facebook’s conversion tools is a powerful way to ensure shifts in strategy are driven by a data-first approach.