The personal care company integrated an online appointment-booking solution from Facebook Business Partner Square with its Instagram business account, and saw a 60% increase in appointments.

Natural hair removal

Based in the US in Arizona, Nohemi’s Threading Studio offers customers a variety of hair removal and permanent makeup services. The personal care company was an early adopter of fin-tech service and Facebook Business Partner Square, and uses a variety of its products to grow the business.


more bookings since implementing the Book Now function on Instagram

Adding the Book Now button on Instagram has proven very effective and helpful for clients wanting to book appointments. The convenience of having that tool for my clients has helped the business run more smoothly.
Simple online bookings

When the business reopened after a government-manded temporary closure during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it had to carefully manage capacity levels and needed to introduce an easy way for customers to book appointments online.

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Smooth appointment management

Nohemi’s Threading Studio partnered with Square to implement its Square Appointments solution. Using Square Appointments, the personal care brand could manage the number of appointments available per day, and customers could book online.

When the threading studio integrated Square Appointments with its Instagram account, the “Book Now” button was prominently displayed on its business account. When a customer clicked, they arrived at an in-app page displaying service options and from there could choose their service, date, and time for an appointment. After providing their contact information and submitting the appointment, Nohemi’s Threading Studio received the request and could easily accept the request and confirm the appointment, or manage the booking with customer via a conversation in Instagram Direct.

By adopting Square Appointments and introducing the Book Now button to its Instagram business account, Nohemi’s Threading Studio effectively managed appointments to comply with capacity regulations during the reopening period, and earned the following results:

  • 60% more bookings since implementing the Book Now function on Instagram
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