The Indian lifestyle brand Nicobar generated a significant 5X return on ad spend and a 40% lower cost per mille (CPM) by using Instagram video ads to launch a campaign promoting its iconic best-selling dress.

A modern way of living and dressing

Nicobar is a contemporary Indian lifestyle brand offering designs for everyday living in both physical outlets and its online store. Since launching in March 2016, Nicobar has expanded to nine stores and more than 20% of its online revenue comes from outside of India.


return on ad spend on Instagram


lower cost per mille (CPM) with Instagram


lower overall cost per purchase

Our campaigns have always hinged on whole collections, but this campaign was the first to focus entirely on one star product. Thanks to Instagram and complemented with storytelling in the store, the dress sold out within two days. Due to the success, we have since focused more on single-product campaigns for our signature products. With its fashion-forward audience, Instagram has been instrumental in connecting us with our target customer.
Creating a modern classic

Nicobar’s first iteration of the Nico Dress had received an overwhelming positive response, so the brand wanted to announce the launch of its newest version of the dress on Instagram. Its goal was to build awareness amongst new audiences, and also drive recall and create excitement amongst brand loyalists.

All eyes on the prize

Nicobar wanted to use the launch of its Spring/Summer 2018 collection, which included a new iteration of the Nico Dress, to drive sales and acquire new customers on Instagram. This was the first time the brand had created an ad campaign dedicated to the launch of the Nico Dress.

The campaign’s video and carousel format ads featured women wearing the Nico Dress, as well as the campaign tagline “The Long And Short Of It,” hinting at both the simplicity of the dress, as well as its versatility.

To reach both its current audience and new customers on Instagram, Nicobar created a Custom Audience based on its existing customers as well as a lookalike audience to reach people who were more likely to have an interest in the Nico Dress.

This single-product campaign—a first for Nicobar—ran exclusively on Instagram over a two-week period. Between March 15–31, 2018, it generated not only 5X return on ad spend, but also a 40% lower cost per mille (CPM) and a 30% lower overall cost per purchase.

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