NARS Cosmetics ran Advantage+ shopping campaigns with Shops ads on Instagram in the US and saw a 6% increase in return on ad spend when selecting “website and Shop” as the conversion location, compared to selecting “website” only.

Established cosmetics company

NARS Cosmetics is a US cosmetics and skincare company founded by makeup artist and photographer François Nars in 1994. The cosmetics line began with twelve lipsticks sold at Barneys New York. Since then, NARS has created various beauty products and is now a subsidiary of Shiseido.


lower cost per purchase with “website and Shop” versus “website” only


increase in return on ad spend with “website and Shop” versus “website” only

We wanted to enhance the performance of our digital advertising on Meta technologies, so we were excited to test Advantage+ shopping campaigns. We discovered that pairing Advantage+ shopping campaigns with Shops ads greatly fueled campaign results by providing a second conversion destination for shoppers. We are thrilled with the additional data points that we can now see.
Boosting online sales

NARS Cosmetics wanted to boost sales both on its website and on its Shop on Instagram and Facebook.

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Adding Shops ads

NARS Cosmetics was eager to adopt Advantage+ shopping campaigns to its ad strategy on Instagram and Facebook. This advanced solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate, simplify and streamline the campaign creation, ad setup and account management processes.

Rather than manually setting up several different campaigns with a patchwork of targeting, creative, placements and budgets, advertisers can set up a single Advantage+ shopping campaign to test up to 150 different combinations, and then optimize for the best-performing ads.

The team at Meta advised NARS Cosmetics to try testing an Advantage+ shopping campaign paired with Shops ads* to see if this combination could drive even more efficient performance than either could on its own.

Advertisers can add Shops ads to their Advantage+ shopping campaign with just a simple click. By using them both together, paid traffic is diverted to either the advertiser’s website or to its Shop on Facebook and Instagram, as automatically determined by Meta’s machine-learning algorithm from people’s past online behaviors.

The team ran an A/B test that compared the performance of:

  • Cell A: an Advantage+ shopping campaign that directed people to NARS Cosmetic’s website
  • Cell B: an Advantage+ shopping campaign with Shops ads, which automatically directed people to NARS Cosmetic’s website or to its shop

All other campaign elements—such as ad formats, placements, audiences and budget—were the same across cells. The results revealed that the Advantage+ shopping campaign and Shops ads worked best together, because having the second conversion location enabled NARS Cosmetics to reach more shoppers than it could have with the Advantage+ shopping campaign alone, and it also made the purchase experience smoother for all shoppers.

NARS Cosmetics determined the results of the May 5–July 19, 2023 ad campaigns using reporting data from an A/B test in Meta Ads Manager, which revealed:

  • 24% lower cost per purchase with “website and Shop” versus “website” only
  • 6% increase in return on ad spend with “website and Shop” versus “website” only

*Shops ads are available to any business with a Shop that is onsite checkout-enabled. Checkout-enabled Shops are currently available to businesses in the US.

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