To launch its line of hot sauces in Brazil, Nando’s created video ads on Instagram that took flavor to new levels.

Spicing up Brazil

PERi-PERi hot sauce from the South African brand Nando’s is a best seller in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia. The line of sauces was launched in Brazil and sold in supermarkets, consisting of five different intensities: ranging from mild to extra hot.


of video watched on average


higher video retention rate than the brand’s average

1 million

people reached in 4 days

For us at Nando’s, Facebook is a great platform to show spice lovers the most famous condiment brand they have never heard of.
David Care, International Business Development Manager, Nando’s
Demonstrate intensity levels

The goal of the Nando’s campaign was to present its line of sauces to people wishing to experiment with the varying intensity of its flavors, using a brand icon tool called the “PERi-ometer.” The PERi-ometer is a guide for discovering the different levels of spiciness, and their respective flavors.

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Inspiration and encouragement

The New Vegas agency joined forces with Facebook Creative Shop to meet the challenge of launching Nando’s brand new line of sauces in Brazil. The team created an ad designed exclusively for Instagram: a video in carousel format that showed an elevator, with each floor representing a different flavor. To “enter” the elevator, viewers turned their cell phone 180°. As they “rode up” higher in the elevator (i.e. by advancing to the next video in the carousel), the flavor of the sauces became spicier and more intense.

This video ad ran from June 18–22, 2016 and was shown to an audience that lived in Brazil’s main capital cities. It was segmented by interests (such as liking Mexican sauces and international travel). By combining audience segmentation with this fun and interesting ad creative, Nando’s achieved a 1.75X higher video retention rate compared to the brand’s average for previous campaigns.