Leading watch brand MVMT wanted to increase awareness and drive online sales during the holiday season. Running carousel and video ads across Instagram and Facebook together, the company saw a strong return on ad spend and was able to strengthen its brand affinity.

Join the movement

Started by two watch enthusiasts, MVMT (pronounced “movement”) built its global brand through community support. It became the second-highest crowd-funded fashion brand in 2013 and has since married its passion for quality-crafted products and affordable style.


higher engagement, compared to other channels


stronger brand awareness and brand recall, compared to other channels


lower cost per conversion by adding Instagram to their Facebook campaign

Instagram was not only able to integrate seamlessly into our day-to-day ad management by combining placements, but also improved cost per action by 20%.
Timely ads for the holidays

In order to stand out during the holiday season, MVMT wanted to out-tick other watch brands with an increase in brand awareness and relative sales.

Out-ticking the competition

In order to increase online sales and brand awareness around the holiday season, MVMT added Instagram as a placement in their existing Facebook campaigns to effectively run carousel and photo ads across both platforms. Instead of creating custom creative for Instagram, the watch company ran the same creative as Facebook and included a Shop Now button to attract customers to its website.

With digital agency Blackbird Garage handling the day-to-day strategy, MVMT launched a successful campaign. The ad photos prominently displayed MVMT watches while showcasing a variety of lifestyles and locales in the background. This stylistic choice emphasized the versatility of the watch and of the brand as a whole.

To ensure the right people were viewing the ads, MVMT used Lookalike Audiences targeting millennials with an affinity toward fashion and lifestyle brands. The watch maker also used interests and behavior targeting to further extend its reach. Custom Audiences were also used to re-engage fans of the brand who were subscribed to the MVMT email list or who had visited the MVMT website.

Using the Facebook pixel to measure conversions, this campaign earned the company a higher return on ad spend than all their other platforms combined, including 75% better brand awareness, compared to other channels. Thanks to the combined Instagram and Facebook placement, MVMT also saw better ad delivery, efficiency and 20% lower cost per conversion.