When the Turkey-based online department store Morhipo tested including ads in Instagram Stories among its ad placements with the help of automatic placements, it attracted 82% more customers at a lower cost.

Pushing business forward

Founded in 2011, Morhipo is an online fashion and department store headquartered in Istanbul. Selling thousands of international brands, as well as its own branded products, the ecommerce business offers fast delivery and high standards for its customers.


more incremental customers with ads in Stories


lower cost per customer with ads in Stories

Instagram Stories has always captured our attention with its more immersive and engaging nature among all other placements. And with automatic placements optimization, we finally discovered how to get the most out of it. There’s no question that we will keep using this feature for better-performing ads.
Putting stories to the test

Having already had success using automatic placements for its ads across Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed, Morhipo wanted to see if adding Instagram Stories to the placement mix would drive even greater sales.

Adding a new placement

Morhipo wanted to see how adding ads in Instagram Stories would affect campaign results, so it ran a multi-cell conversion lift test for two campaigns, each using automatic placements. One campaign opted into the ads in Instagram Stories placement, while the other did not. Knowing the power of a good ad, Morhipo also created different creative for each respective placement.

At the end of the four-week test, Morhipo saw success by adding Instagram Stories to its placements. The fashion brand saw a positive return on its ad spend and a major increase in sales—driving 82% incremental purchasers at a 45% lower cost per customer compared to a campaign that didn’t use ads in Instagram Stories.

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