To boost brand awareness, the German dry gin brand Monkey 47 tested and compared different Instagram and Facebook video ad assets, and saw a 2.4-point higher lift in brand awareness when using assets optimized for mobile.

A German gin with 47 botanicals

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin is distilled and handcrafted in Germany’s Black Forest region. The brand’s name is an ode to its 47 botanical ingredients—more than other gins, which are typically distilled with 12 or fewer botanicals. This makes Monkey 47 unique in the gin category.


higher lift in brand awareness


higher lift in ad recall

While Monkey 47 is a cult favorite among gin connoisseurs worldwide, it has a small but quickly growing fan base here in the US. Facebook and Instagram, along with Pernod Ricard’s in-house media team, made it possible for a nimble rupture brand to communicate with our fans on a broader scale and increase awareness quickly.
Boosting brand awareness

Monkey 47 wanted to test different video ad assets to understand if creative specifically designed for mobile viewing worked better to increase brand awareness and purchase consideration of its dry gin.

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Mobile-first ad creative

To assess whether Monkey 47 could improve upon the digital ad creative that it had used in its prior ad campaigns, the gin brand partnered with creative performance platform VidMob through the Facebook-funded MobileWorks program. MobileWorks pairs advertisers with agencies and creative tech companies that have expertise in producing mobile-first video creative that can demonstrably improve campaign performance and results.

The teams designed a two-cell test that compared the old ad creative with new creative, specifically built for optimal viewing on mobile devices:

  • Cell 1 consisted of the existing video ad creative, which was built in horizontal format without any upfront branding or storytelling elements.

  • Cell 2 consisted of new video ad creative built following Facebook’s mobile-first best practices. It was in a vertical format with a short run-length (under 15 seconds), showed the company’s branding and logo straightaway, and included clear, relevant messaging―“A gin with 47 botanicals? Of course! Discover the German gin with a wunderbar taste”―that viewers could understand with the sound off. A “Learn More” call-to-action button linked to Monkey 47’s website.

Monkey 47 showed the Cell 1 and 2 ads to adults aged 25 and over located in the metro areas of select US cities―including Washington DC, Chicago and Seattle―as well as to people with an interest in premium alcoholic beverages, cocktail bars, design, food and wine.

The team delivered the ads in Instagram Stories and feed, as well as Facebook Stories and News Feed. The Stories placement is particularly effective because its vertical full-screen format provides a more immersive and intense visual experience.

Monkey 47 allowed Facebook to allocate budget between the four placements depending on which was most likely to provide the best results at the lowest possible cost at any given time. It also used campaign budget optimization, allowing Facebook’s algorithm to automatically distribute the budget across the best-performing ad sets in real time.

Monkey 47 determined the results of its August 1‒31, 2019 campaign using a Facebook brand lift study, which revealed that the optimized creative asset in Cell 2 greatly outperformed the old asset in Cell 1:

  • 2.4-point higher lift in brand awareness

  • 4.8-point higher lift in ad recall