This innovative French men’s fashion app used stylized photos and Instagram targeting to re-launch with a series of hypercool mobile app install ads.

Style at your fingertips

Menlook’s team of style experts seeks out the very best men’s fashion for their customers. New brands, designers and collections are scrutinized to ensure customers get access to only to coolest clothes. And this attention to detail continues in the company’s innovative app and advertising.


decrease in cost per-install


decrease in cost per-purchase


increase in return on-Ad-spend (ROAS)

Instagram has always been a very important platform for fashion. Being one of the first advertisers in France to use this platform to promote our app was a great opportunity for our brand. We have generated thousands of installs with a very competitive cost per install and those users are now very engaged with our app. They generate a higher than average basket and a very good repeat rate vs our other channels.
Get the look

Menlook wanted to increase mobile app installs and increase sales, as well as continue its drive for innovation by becoming one of the first French brands to use mobile app install ads on Instagram.

Clothes make the man

When Menlook wanted to increase mobile app installs and conversions, it used rich, stylish photos which it created specifically for Instagram.

By combining slick, editorialised choice of images with targeting including male, 18-44, with an interest in similar brands, Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audiences, Menlook was able to achieve a 3.5pt lift on return on investment, and a 4% decrease in cost per install. Menlook also employed the ‘Download’ function to further drive installs.

As a result, Menlook will be using the Instagram platform to promote the launch of its app in both the UK and Germany in 2016.