Memebox ran a multi-phased video ad campaign to build brand awareness and spur sales for a new product, achieving a 5.9-point lift in ad recall and a 15% lift in purchase conversion rate

A beauty trendsetter

In 2012, Memebox began its business as a beauty subscription startup, and has since grown into a global company focused on mobile shopping. The company distributes Korean beauty (K-beauty) products, develops proprietary brands and offers high-quality and cost-effective cosmetics to a global consumer base. Using knowledge gathered from its Facebook marketing campaigns, Memebox is now looking to expand beyond creating and selling products into building personalized experiences for customers.


lift in ad recall


lift in purchase intent


lift in purchase conversion rate


of total purchases were made through Facebook and Instagram ads

We were able to create mobile ad creatives optimized for Instagram Stories in collaboration with the Facebook Creative Shop team, and this was the key to our success in naturally driving customers to our website.
Lifting brand awareness and sales

Memebox set out to create a measurable lift in brand awareness and sales for its I'm Tic Toc Tint Lip Cashmere, the latest product in its I'M Meme line, through a multi-phased marketing campaign.

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Introducing a product with video

Memebox had previously been using Facebook and Instagram primarily for purchase conversion campaigns. For the new I'M Meme product, however, the company decided to try a different method. Using Instagram and Facebook to measure changes in brand awareness (a benefit not available through traditional media), Memebox launched a full-funnel marketing push that included both brand and purchase conversion campaigns simultaneously.

In the first phase, Memebox ran a brand campaign featuring a highlight teaser video ad, targeted to Korean women aged 18–34 using reach and frequency buying. Next, the company retargeted people who watched the first video, serving them with a follow-up video ad that encouraged purchases. Notably, Memebox moved away from traditional 30-second videos in 16:9 landscape format, opting instead to optimize both ads for mobile. The resulting short videos were formatted vertically to better fit mobile screens and the Facebook and Instagram Stories placements. The videos also encouraged viewers to swipe up through clever visual effects, encouraging people to visit the product web page.

Ad creative to drive customer action was also produced in consultation with the Facebook Creative Shop team. One video featured the product in a variety of colors at the bottom of the screen, prompting viewers who were curious about color availability to swipe up. In another ad for Stories, a model used the product to repeatedly draw a line upward on the screen, and viewers who swiped up on the video were redirected to the Memebox website.

By measuring ad performance across all stages of the purchase journey, Memebox verified that both brand awareness and purchase conversion rate increased as a result of this campaign. As expected, consumers who were exposed to the brand campaign were more likely to purchase, confirming that a brand campaign can impact customers’ purchase decisions.

We confirmed through quantifiable indicators that content that drives customer response leads to actual purchase conversions on Instagram where visual elements are vital. We realized the importance of performance measurement solutions and having the right content tailored for a specific platform.