To drive awareness and sales for its 2018 collection, Mansur Gavriel ran ads in Instagram Stories, Instagram feed and Facebook News Feed, driving 16.5X more clicks to the website compared to the previous year’s show.

A brand with attention to detail

Mansur Gavriel is a luxury fashion brand known for its leather handbags and shoes, as well as men’s and women’s ready-to-wear pieces. Founded by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel in 2012, the company is based in New York and produces its garments in Italy.


more clicks to website compared to previous year’s autumn/winter show


lower cost per thousand impressions with “ephemeral” creative content


return on ad spend for dynamic ads for broad audiences


more people reached compared to the spring fashion show

Instagram is the main platform for our New York Fashion Week show. Since our collection was “See Now Buy Now”—meaning that our audience could purchase pieces right away—we were able to drive both awareness and sales.
Boosting awareness for Fashion Week

Mansur Gavriel wanted to increase brand awareness, reach new customers and drive sales for its “Autumn/Winter’18” collection, which was presented during New York Fashion Week.

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Full-funnel fashion

To promote its “See Now Buy Now” fall collection at New York Fashion Week, Mansur Gavriel turned to the team at Facebook Creative Shop. Together, they developed a “full-funnel” digital strategy to highlight the brand. It ran a campaign in several phases to promote its collection, acquire new customers and drive sales.

In the first phase, Facebook Creative Shop shot video of the new collection, which Mansur Gavriel used to build a teaser trailer in Instagram Stories to introduce viewers to the brand. The creative featured a three-panel vertical video ad in carousel format showing different outfits from the collection. The brand served this teaser to a lookalike audience based on the characteristics of its top customers in key markets.

In Phase 2, to understand which types of Instagram Stories creative drives purchase intent, the fashion house ran a split test. The test compared “polished” ad creative—featuring traditional, high production-value shots of the collection—with “ephemeral” ad creative, which used Instagram effects like rewind and Boomerang. Each was a three-panel vertical video ad in the carousel format, with Shop Now call-to-action buttons linking to the brand’s website. Phase 2 ads were served to the same lookalike audience as in Phase 1.

In Phase 3, Mansur Gavriel used dynamic ads for broad audiences to reach people who had never visited its website before, but had expressed interest in similar products. It built photo ads in the collection format so viewers could browse multiple products from its catalog. The ads, which ran in Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed, included a Learn More button that linked to the product pages on the company website. Mansur Gavriel showed these ads to a broad audience of women aged 25 and up. The brand used campaign budget optimization throughout all phases, which efficiently distributed its budget across different ad sets for more value on spend.

Mansur Gavriel determined the results of this September 1–October 16, 2018 campaign based on reporting data from Facebook Ads Manager and a Facebook split test, as well as using a Facebook conversion lift study, which revealed:

  • 16.5X more link clicks to website over the previous year’s autumn/winter show

  • 35% lower CPM (cost per thousand impressions) with ephemeral creative compared to polished creative

  • 1.27X return on ad spend for dynamic ads for broad audiences

  • 12X more people reached compared to the spring fashion show

We partnered with Mansur Gavriel to create ads in Stories during New York Fashion Week that would delight audiences and drive brand awareness and sales. We tested creative from traditional fashion photography and content captured on mobile like Boomerangs and vertical video. The campaign showcased the spirit of the brand, the beauty of the collection and the energy of their NYFW show.
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