Luxury Escapes used Instagram Reels ads to capture attention and provide holiday inspiration as people began traveling again in 2021, resulting in a 4.9-point increase in ad recall.

Handpicked escapes

Luxury Escapes provides exclusive luxury travel deals at an affordable price. People register for free to gain access to limited-time accommodation deals and a hand-picked selection of VIP inclusions, such as cocktails, spa treatments, gourmet dining, VIP airport transfers and memorable destination experiences. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the business has more than 3.2 million members across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, the US and UK.


increase in ad recall


lower cost per point of lift in ad recall with Reels ads compared to business-as-usual ads (feed plus Stories only)

At Luxury Escapes, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to tell our story and Instagram Reels ads proved to be a powerful tool that resonated perfectly with our goals. From new followers, post engagements and driving new users to the website, the creative and fun Reels ads proved to be an invaluable tool in our digital marketing kit.
Growing subscriptions and inspiring loyalty

When global borders began reopening in 2021, Luxury Escapes was eager to capitalize on the increased demand for travel experiences in India. At the same time, it also wanted to reach more people, help them discover what it had to offer and encourage them to subscribe, while maintaining its existing level of ad investment.

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Dreamy Instagram Reels

Luxury Escapes began by running a pilot of Instagram Reels ads, which had recently launched. The team hoped that this engaging new ad placement would help attract the attention of a large audience—including people who didn’t already follow the brand—by showcasing the kinds of high-class holidays that the brand specializes in.

Luxury Escapes created different Instagram Reels ads showing the very best of luxury travel, including images of white sandy beaches and breathtaking views. Calls to action inspired travel-hungry viewers to “Book your escape now.” The enticing offers showed a range of promoted destinations, from incredible overwater bungalows in the Maldives to sun-drenched globally renowned five-star resorts.

Because Reels ads was a new placement, it gave Luxury Escapes the opportunity to not only connect with current subscribers in a fun and entertaining way, but to also reach a new audience that it did not typically reach through its usual activity in Facebook and Instagram Feed. By adopting a broad targeting approach and using additional targeting optimizations to reach relevant groups like frequent travelers, Luxury Escapes was able to find an audience that was more likely to be interested in its services, on a large enough scale to achieve its campaign goals.

A brand lift study found that Luxury Escapes achieved the following during its February 24–March 9, 2022 campaign:

  • 4.9-point increase in ad recall
  • 7.2X lower cost per point of lift in ad recall when using Reels ads compared to business-as-usual ads (feed plus Stories only)
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