The premium beauty brand launched its limited-edition makeup collection curated by leading designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee through Instagram ads, which increased purchase intent among women by 20 points.

Because you’re worth it

L’Oréal Paris is a global beauty brand with a portfolio of products covering the spectrum of consumer’s beauty needs, including makeup, skin care, hair color, styling and hair color products for women and men. Its products and ambassadors embody a beauty ideal summed up by its legendary signature: “Because you’re worth it.”


lift in brand awareness among women aged 25–34


lift in purchase intent among women aged 35–44


lift in ad recall

This was the first time we tried an Instagram-only placement as part of our digital media mix to deliver a strong brand message and drive purchase intent. We saw a double-digit-point increase in both brand awareness and purchase intent. With effective targeting and content, we were able to reach the right audience on the right platform and achieve our ambition!
Reaching out to makeup lovers

L’Oréal Paris wanted to raise awareness and grow sales for its new L’Oréal x Sabyasachi limited-edition makeup line in India, as well as build brand love among people who use makeup.

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A dedicated Instagram approach

L’Oréal Paris offers a wide range of skin, hair and makeup products. In the Indian market, however, its association with the makeup category is lower among a millennial audience. To strengthen its reputation as a makeup brand, L’Oréal Paris India collaborated with renowned Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee to create a signature limited-edition makeup collection.

The brand found that Instagram has a large female audience interested in high-value beauty products. Sabyasachi also had a significant Instagram following of over 3 million people. To promote the collection to these potential consumers, L’Oréal Paris ran its campaign solely on Instagram.

L’Oréal Paris featured the makeup line in a series of Instagram Stories, video and photo ads in single and carousel formats. For maximum impact, the brand tailored its video ads to completely fill the dimensions of each ad placement. Following Instagram’s best practices and thoughtful creative development, the attention-grabbing videos introduced the brand and product range within the first few seconds.

To measure the efficacy of the Instagram campaign, L’Oréal Paris India conducted a brand lift study. With this, the company saw the significant impact that the campaign had on its brand metrics, and found that Instagram could be a highly effective marketing platform for its future campaigns.

L’Oréal Paris’ decision to build an Instagram-only campaign paid off, and it was able to effectively connect with women aged 20–44 interested in beauty, shopping, fashion and makeup. Between November 28–December 31, 2018, the campaign resulted in:

  • 20-point lift in purchase intent among women aged 35–44

  • 13-point lift in brand awareness among women aged 25–34

  • 9-point lift in ad recall