Loja Nama used Instagram photo ads to launch its decorative 3D printed products and increase sales by 86% in the store’s second month of operation.

Printing creativity

Publicist Joanna Cariello purchased her first printer after discovering the 3D printing world by chance. Armed with marketing and sales experience, she decided to start her own business and founded the Loja Nama online store in August 2016. Decorative items and accessories, such as bracelets and earrings, are just some of the things found in Loja Nama's portfolio.


higher sales than expected for the store’s second month of operation


of sales came from Instagram ads


increase in website traffic in one month

I chose Instagram to launch the store because it’s a platform I believe in, and is very visual, which goes hand in hand with our business model. It was a fundamental tool for Loja Nama to become a real business possibility, and also helped to create awareness for our brand, win our first sales and increase the number of orders.
Impact and convert

Loja Nama needed to find its target audience, present its products, and attract interested consumers to the virtual store to increase sales during the first few months of operation.

Images that speak for the brand

The company chose images of products that drew the most attention on their website and on Instagram, creating photo ads to raise brand awareness and encourage people to make a purchase. Joanna used Instagram’s local audience segmentation tool to choose a young but financially independent target audience in every Brazilian state. She also chose topics of interest from several areas related to her products, such as fashion, decoration, movies and architecture.

Joanna was in charge of every stage of Loja Nama’s Instagram campaigns: she took pictures of products with a cellphone, edited the images to make them more attractive for the Internet, and created and monitored the ads. In this way, a digitally-born company was able to achieve impressive results just two months after startup. In the second month of operation, Joanna decided to double her ad investment on the platform. The result: Instagram accounted for 79% of Loja Nama’s sales, and Instagram ads resulted in 86% higher sales than the sales goal for that period.

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