To raise awareness of the Bud Light Lime-A-Rita brand among young women, American brewery Anheuser-Busch ran a funded influencer marketing campaign on Instagram to build on its organic reach, which greatly lifted ad recall and purchase intent.

Brewing innovative brands

Anheuser-Busch (AB InBev), founded in St. Louis in 1852, holds 45.8% of the US beer market. It brews over 100 brands, including flagship Budweiser, as well as specialty beverages such as Lime-A-Rita, a margarita-inspired canned cocktail.


lift in ad recall


lift in purchase intent

8.57 million

people reached

By leveraging this unique strategic framework, we were able to overcome many of the challenges often present in influencer marketing. The combination of #HASHOFF’s technology and the power of Instagram ad products, proved highly effective in deepening our connection with female consumers and increasing relevance for Lime-A-Rita.
More margarita moments

Anheuser-Busch’s goal was to increase brand awareness of the Lime-A-Rita brand among its core audience with an Instagram influencer marketing campaign, and then measure the business impact.

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The power of paid media

Anheuser-Busch’s strategy focused on adding a layer of influence marketing to its usual communication strategy, with a powerful twist. First, the team worked closely with #HASHOFF to find key influencers on Instagram whose voice and content already fit with the brand’s brightly colored aesthetic and who could would appeal to the target audience of women aged 21–34.

The 3 chosen influencers were then paid to produce exuberant photo and video ads showing that hot summer days are the most fun when sharing cold Lime-A-Rita drinks with friends. When the creative was complete, Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) Kinetic promoted these ads via the influencers’ Instagram accounts to Lime-A-Rita’s core demographic. By promoting the posts through the influencers’ individual handles rather than the brand handle, maximum authenticity was ensured.

Thanks to this FMP access, and by transforming the influencer content into compelling Instagram ads, the campaign rocketed past the brand’s limited organic following, reaching 8.57 million people. The campaign ran June 5–July 16, 2017 and was measured by a Facebook brand lift study, which found that it had achieved a 17-point lift in ad recall and a 5-point lift in purchase intent.

Leveraging the creativity and authenticity of influencers with the scale, reach, targeting and measurement of Facebook and Instagram media products is a powerful combination. For the first time, marketers can say without hesitation that influencer marketing drives the ROI brands are looking to achieve. #HASHOFF is thrilled to have delivered these industry leading results with Instagram for our partners at Anheuser-Busch.