Creative app company Lightricks used stunning Instagram videos to help them hit the top of the download charts with their new app Enlight.

Pro image editing for the Instagram generation

Lightricks are the brains behind two of the world’s most successful image-editing apps, aiming to put professional-grade retouch tools in your pocket. Their debut product, Facetune, hit the #1 spot on the global iOS paid app charts, but could they recreate their success with follow-up, Enlight?


Return on ad spend (ROAS) on Instagram


Mobile app installs over 5 days


Increase in conversion rate vs non-Instagram campaigns

Instagram is the home of creative imagery, so it was the perfect place to launch our new photo-editing app, Enlight. The response from Instagram’s community was explosive and the direct install button helped launch Enlight to the top of the app charts.
A number 1 app

Their goal was to create maximum exposure with the release of Enlight and drive immediate downloads through Instagram’s photo-loving community. Lightricks measured success in terms of CPI, conversions and, of course, their App Store ranking.

Stunning visuals and instant downloads

Lightricks published a series of beautiful video adverts accompanied by Instagram’s mobile app install call-to-action. Video content proved an effective way to show off Enlight’s creative features, encouraging Instagram users to download the app immediately.

The team ran two campaigns to push the video ads. The first was a CPM campaign targeting their regular audience (iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users, aged 18+). It’s a demographic that proved responsive in Lightricks’ previous Facebook campaigns, and a core audience on Instagram.

The second campaign used cost per action bidding with a wide audience. Reducing their risk by only paying for acquisitions, Lightricks let Instagram’s algorithm do the hard work, helping them connect with users they would not otherwise have reached.

The direct-response video ads were a huge hit, boosting Lightricks’ conversion rate by 50% when compared to non-Instagram campaigns. They achieved enormous reach and a cost per install, while picking up 40 million post engagements along the way.

Thanks to Instagram, Enlight secured more than 300,000 downloads and hit the number one spot in the global iOS paid app charts.